You must wait a little longer.

Got my first proofs back, needed to make some art changes. Those are made. Need to send them back to the printers, got some offers too for the first couple of decks, no idea how much they are going to be.

I spent some time with my sketchbook this morning, had kind of an early appointment, tomorrows is a bit later in the morning. Hope to have a comic up for you. The first for March.

I am trying to get a comic a day going for you, it’s tough to do so, but I need to carry on. In about 4 days, a special occasion starts, I am going to try to get through it. It’s about 4 weeks long too, so must prepare for that.

It appears the time of preparation for some hard times are coming. All because of tyranny from the polices for the sake of polices, without any knowledge of the past. All things in the past are ignored, so new laws that will be selectively enforced will be developed. It all seems to artificial, because it is. Mankind is fighting a battle for its very existence. To support the wrong party/group is becoming the same as supporting to group. The fever runs hot, and anything less is seen as affront to all of its sensibilities.

Hard hearts and stiff necks. These are the times of modern man before the pole switch. So much extra radiation causing weak bones(spines) and rattled minds (brains\nerves), we are not allowed to luck up, unless its through a screen. Anyone who sees the sky with their own eyes is considered an enemy to the narrative, and thus the greatest enemy to which the tyrant has ever known.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner.

This is the path to salvation, to healing what is being broken ‘from the outside.’

Oh to let us all know, that all of our thoughts are not our own, but come from faaar away. What we think is different from what we know, and what we feel is different from what we are.

It is a sad day to Deny God, so that another madman can be worshiped as the creator of rules that can only be selectively enforced.

Through the Jesus Prayer we can

Remain in Light

Each of us

All of us.