Schwofield is a few people, but Synthetic Wisdom is made by only one of those individuals.

Synthetic Wisdom is a comic strip that has been drawn for nearly since 2009.  Not in any serious manner, but over the years.  The archives of which are on various sites, and one day they will be in one spot.   The comic strip is about conversation, and endless walking.  As a sedentary lifestyle can stifle thoughts and creativity.

The author of Synthetic Wisdom is William Schwarz and has been in love with wisdom since his teen years and comics before that, beginning in the comic strip phase ending with webcomix.  Over a decade of mysticism has very little to outwardly show, but this is part of the healing process, or the return back to society.  The author is always looking to create a schedule of updates, but as it stands it’s when he can. is run by a few of those people talked about above.