Retail!? has been sent to the printers for the first limited print run!!!

I well let you know when it gets back, as well show some pictures. It’s very limited and is intended to be a local playtest release. When I am comfortable with the rules, then I will announce a kickstarter.


So much to do, still have some real life stuff I am dealing with, but next week, should be the final week of 2 major life projects. Then I can focus on working both of these jobs. Also need to do some house cleaning as well.

It’s dinner time, so I will see you all later. I will try to get a comic up sometime soon, once I close (prayers), I will be freed up, mentally, super stressful, especially during these times when living in America is way to expensive unless you are already a millionaire.

The labor shortage is due to deaths from experimental drugs being forced upon us by disaffected billionares with stock options, and that people no longer want to drive 1.5+ hours to work (total 3 hours) every single day when they are not being compensated for their mileage.

I worked it out to be the minimum wage in my area needs to be at least $25 an hour after taxes in able to afford rent\mortgage as well as food\gas\insurance and possibly put some money aside for savings.

The rate of government spending has destroyed the US economy and it really doesn’t seem viable to continue for about 2-3 more years, unless millionaires want to wash dishes and cook food. I have some plans to help out, first of which is making this game so I can test the waters of my ability. We will discuss this later, but for now, I will speed up Retails release as quick as possible while trying to provide a good product and a good foundation for something of value.

I also hope to be baptized as well; make those spiritual gainz.