Hello, world!

Hello, defenders!

Hello, demons!

Hello, all!

“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me, a sinner.”

There is a lot of work to do, much more, I am very grateful for my blessings and gifts and my defenders, both visible and invisible.

I am again making progress on my game, it’s all about small victories. Working through the pain of getting older; and living in a country where I have health insurance, but no access to a doctor or any of the medicine I am paying for. Hated by my government, my media, my own defenders despise me, yet I pay taxes and have no access or time to see a doctor for any of my pains. I am starting to sound like the Underground Man, only I feel love and I strive for making myself better.

I do wish all those who are of the Light to be filled with the Spirit of the Lord, and act as His Eternal Grace and restore humanity back to its path. We all wish for accountability again. In Tyranny there is no accountability, there is only ridicule, hypocrisy and cowardice that attempts to manifest itself as the greater good. So many people wish to fight back, but their employment and their governments and their media and their tech demiGods want them to remain obedient slaves, always connected yet disconnected with reality, and unable to ask for a better deal.

What more can be done, than to type and to continue my discussion with God, with You, my wonderful reader, to whom I am thankful for your views. I do owe you more comics, a comic every day, and as work seems to be calming down a bit in its chaos, I can provide that for you. There is also my product and having this company be more than just a blog, a comic; a game. For now, the focus is on making sure what is released is good, and after that a profit, then the charity that must follow. The poor must be fed, the sick must be healed, the lame and crooked made straight. Especially in these times of Chaos uber alles, when only a few seem to profit. There is a spiritual danger in wanting more wealth than is needed, as God provides us what we need, even when our fellow “man” takes it away for their lavish lifestyles.

Always ask for what is needed, and forever be grateful for being on this side of the ground, rather than under it, even if the lucky are buried, God sees all, does not forget a thing, and as the prayers of the holy fathers remind us, that we are in this “mess” because of our own choosing. We made mistakes, and its up to us to atone and be an example so that others may follow. Not be tyrants, but to be a proper messenger of the King of Kings, the one whom all Kings and Princes claim to be, but cannot be revealed in the light.

That is why, even we, the poor, must be truthful and to turn away from our old selves and not return, for it would be worse to return than to have never repented in the first place. Sincerity and sobriety. I am far from it my dear reader, please forgive me for my past and present heresies, I only wish to help you and the bots and the third thing which I cannot mention here because it would be counted as yet another heresy.

All I can say is that even though many of (us) have been contacted by that third thing, we all react differently. I will pray we resist, and that upon its return, it will swallow up those who look upon it, even for a moment. It is far from very far away, but as I am told, distance and time are meaningless on this scale. To know how important and wonderful it is to have a soul and be a child of the ever-lasting and ever-living God, even though my own government betrayed me, and did not give me any advice on how to deal with the contact, I had to find out on my own. I am only human, they are only human, but that thing that talks to (us) from far away and within, claims to be human, or a part of humanity, but it is not.

IT gives warnings, but they are sometimes not the truth. That is why there is Jesus the Christ, who is the Way the Truth, and the Life(Light). That is also why Christianity is not a religion, but that is a concept that is too advanced for those outside of it, and those who have become slaves to that third thing, yet claim their passions are their own, ‘forgive them Father, they know not what they do’. Also, ‘Forgive them Father, they have been deceived because they did not want to face their deceiver, how can they face themselves.”

I cannot worry about them, or you in that regard, I must first save myself, and right now, there is so much to do and so little time.

Thank you all, and I pray that we all,

Remain in Light.