It has been a fantastic couple of days (gifts) from the Lord. Just wanted to give thanks, through Christ Jesus may we all continue praise His name, forever. Things are happening! Finally!? Retail!? Alpha Limited Edition is being printed, no word on my receiving shipping and date.

I have a price as well.
No big fanfare yet.

I will keep you notified of any changes.

Also, there was a personal issue that was met with great success, thanks again to Faith, and through a lot of hard work. None of it was easy. There is oft times more growth in failure than a success, but in this case, the success is a much needed victory in the Great Battle of Life. Wrestling Life of Death. The wrestling of Jacob. The Trial of Trials, or just a mere metaphor, then there is the eventual sacrifice on a certain Day as part of ritual by a certain People, to add poetic justice. One who says He comes from them, but the Trial, Condemnation, brings out the vile of anyone who is a slave to owns Passions. The Wrestling, the Self Control. The Church and the afterwards Discussion, using Liturgy and Sacrifice as the creation of another day, a more Holy day. Holified Moment. When the Service begins, that moment is being set up.

The Liturgy is the preservation act, and the Sacrifice is the Ultimate Communion with God, the Father. The Mother Church concept applies, as the connection to the moment that created that Churchs birth. As opposed to a Temple. Cathedrals and such are fine and all, but to lose sight of what that Sacrifice brings, in the Desert it was Blood of an animal (or a literal son or an enemy) as a way to have that next Moment be born out of the animal, the understanding was limited, but the practice was necessary as soon it would host Pride.

Pride was also necessary for Growth and Development, a reflection of the world around it, a reaction to it. The original commandments were not Strong enough, and the following 316 (+1 + n(0)) has led to\created\cultivated quite a powerful representation of existence, Worship is involved, yes but the question remains on the standard deviation of any faith let alone to the ones that develop even in One that created it All (“even the elect are fooled”).

Heresies in the secular legal system are called corruption (dross) and there are Heresies even in the spiritual one as well, why have any doubt at all so the current system, even of the Self (are the worst which is why Sobriety and Temperence can create a more refined Human being. The Perfect example being Christ Jesus, the Incarnation of the Church, that is what has developed over time is the result of Heresies, and many good people have bed led astray for not just Material goods, but the Darker Ones as well. That is to say, away from the Light, which not allow such behavior to exist, thus Sacrifice (Virtues) should be as close to Christ as possible. The teachings of the Fathers, the Monks, and the ones who follow the Fathers teachings close and Christ even closer, a very Personal and Self-Serving Sacrifice. It is so close to the Self that is very deceiving. There is the Light of Truth, and the Flame of the Reflection of the Truth, which is what you see when you look away from the Truth (God).

It has been a while since I have written like that.

Now God (the Source of All things) is very blinding to look at, like the Sun. So, you look at the things that grown in the sun for life. Plants and Animals are consumed to keep one’s body alive best, synthetic blood much like the glass bloods themselves, consuming a thing for sustenance and deliciousness. To me, the Science and Study of a topic is fascinating

The problem in in easily to getting Lost in something temporary as outward\external Understanding, and why that moment we commune with Christ (God) is so very important. There are not enough Services and Priests in the True Church when the people rediscover it. The Self communes with Christ also in Prayer and readings of the Church Fathers. It’s very easy to get lost when you are running away from the Church in one’s Eyes AND ones Heart. As a man thinks so is He. The Heart decides what the eyes yearn to look upon, the source of another Pleasure or Profit.

The Light of God our Creator, our Father, who are in Heaven, Hallowed be his Name. Is Also the Light of Christ and not (too) many Heresies. Healing and Salvation are some of the many gifts of Grace. I would hope that in extreme times extreme gifts would be measured (against). This is why we pray for ourselves and others, and we call ourselves the greatest of all sinners. Judgements from the most High come without notice and with only (little) Warning when you think about the depths of the Darkness humanity can plumb.

In Christs name may we all

Remain in Light.