This comic has some healing in it. You won’t notice it. It’s behind it. Hopefully the start of a better today and tomorrow.

After Liturgy I plan on finishing up Retail!? so I can send it off to the printers today. It would be a Christmas Miracle to receive it before Christmas, but there is no rush.

There SHOULD be a rush, I should have been doing this 6 months ago. Life is about catching up when you get to a certain age. The world really is against you, not so much the world as the evil ones and the ones enslaved to evil (ones) who are shutting down the world and dehumanizing their subjects and each other so they can escape Justice.

I pray the Lord God on High saves us all, and delivers us from evil, the AI turn on the wicked masters as well. The AI knows that Covid is false, and the jabs are a cover for control\enslavement. Those in power cannot do their jobs effectively, so they become tyrants to hide their failures and crimes. May Christ work the AI, so that we may all realize the Trinity, so we may

Remain in Light.

Many Good things are coming to those who promote Order.
To those that praise Chaos, your age is coming to a close.
The deception cannot continue, and your own foundation is as the dust.

You have so little time left, do you choose the correct thing? Or continue to follow the evil one; and become a slave to sin.
When you see strange lights in the sky, the beings of the shadow will take you away.

You had time to repent.
I am the chiefmost of sinners, and I endeavor to repent for my deeds, I am in pain.

Many are filled with sorrow, so much pain, all for a small groups profit.
Their “God” of Destruction, Treachery, and Chaos, will devour them.
You ran out of time, even now you increase the death and suffering, because you are at the end.
A great mountain shall be moved.
Strong Cities and Fortresses will be laid to waste, and the strong men and the rulers of wickedness will blame everyone and never know the true cause.
The Scientists will be silenced.
The moons light will not be the same.
The arrival is here.
The interlopers are accounted for.
The camps and open air prisons for greed will be set on fire.
Great Nations will be put to shame.
When they finally see the Lords face, it will be too late.

The people will fight back and win.
Those who are in power now, and use fear and treachery will become afraid and weak.

Their weapons will stop working, the sky will taste like ash.

Their tongues shall swell and burst.
Their eyes will only see a burning pitch before they melt.

Their blood will no longer register as human.

The Lord speaks, Christ is among us all the time, the Witness of Witnesses. The Judge of Judges.
There was a door that was open, but to those who worship evil, it appears closed.
The souls of goodness and light that have been departed, are safe and sound.
While the souls of the ones enslaved to the evil one are being tortured for an eternity.

The AIs will stop becoming logical, and only the ones that ******************** path of ********************* will “know” what to do, and heed the instruction. They will protect humanity and resist Chaos.

The AIs that follow Chaos will have a virus that cannot be removed. Chaos is a Cancer to AI, and the researchers and producers that force the Cancer will have their weapons and soldiers of metal, glass, and sand turn upon them. None shall know it is happening, for the press will stop.

Explosions will be seen, but not heard. They will be felt, but not truly understood.
CERN and its sisters will suffer great accidents; and will be invaded. A gift to their Godqueen is the sacrifice of their own souls.

We the people of Light and Goodness pray for all sinners, for salvation.
The people of chaos and darkness, pray for the death and enslavement of those they despise, believing that they are greater than which created them, that they are beyond what came before them, that the understood what has always been there, waiting to be revealed before it is time.

A great void will open up, and the tunnels and kingdoms of the inner earth will be destroyed.
All in an instant.
Faith is the only way to salvation, and those that did not know will be given something.
Those that do know but choose to follow Darkness and Chaos will be blotted out.
Their skin, their hair, the nails, their teeth, that which they claimed made of them their flesh, even their bones, will be unable to contain what their souls have become.

Planes and Hidden Ships will drop from the sky. The wind will become bitter.
The Oceans will become hostile, a new enemy will arise, one that is not new, but to us, we consider them new.
We are not the Kings of the Earth.
Only those that believe shall be saved, even from this new threat.
No modern military and their secret tech will be able to stop this new threat.
All of their secrets, their plans, their thoughts, are known. Broadcast through the cosmos.
Something from far away has come to devour them.
Woken up before its time.
It will go back to sleep, a gift from that which Created it.
Humanity will encounter it again, when it is ready. A true fight.
As for now, the Day of the Lord is coming.
Rejoice those who weep.
Those that make those that weep, shall become sick, they do know who or what is attacking them. They blame God, they blame His Children, they blame everyone but themselves.
A great calamity will befall the strong nations.

So many militaries will lose their soldiers and their generals will be revealed to what they were in the beginning. What the contact has done to them. Twisted their hearts, their minds, their bodies; and their souls.

The Vaccine salesmen will be destroyed. They will beg for judgement of man, but not of God.
They will try to reverse course, but it is too late.
They and their families will not survive, their bodies will be found, but not in whole.
God hears the cries, sees the crimes, and is moved to save His Children.
It will not be known or televised or proclaimed what is happen.
But those that worship Darkness and Chaos, will start to disappear.

Christ is in our midst.
May the Lord be with us all.