I know, I missed quite a bit, but I needed to draw. I need to adhere to better discipline. This was the holiday season, so a good evening and needed rest means saturday updates are going to be in the afternoon. I will try to get a comic done before church tomorrow, then back on schedule. I am so very grateful for this opportunity, and your views. Thank you. It’s fun to give you thanks and praise the one that made me; this moment to be here, including the gift of this comic.

I realize it should have been like “this” much sooner, but I have never considered myself an artist, still don’t. Well, a little, as I have designed some stuff for other people. The first product\output was rewarded with a video game, we played it, it was fun. Some DnD Game on Steam. Chronicles of Mystaria? I am grateful for that opportunity as well.

Yes, we all know the state of things; the nature of things. We can all agree on things not moving forward in a beneficial manner. As if times were dire. This is why the realization of Christ being here, healing the world, the church is also an extension of it. I need healing. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

This is why the baptism is important. A 2nd chance on life, and that second chance includes life. Not the opposite, to which I have living in for so long. Sin, mistakes, never that dire, but such as mitvot is equal in grandeur, every sin is equal in its treachery\ignorance. The choice.

I must away to my next location, thank you again for all of your love and support over the years.
Christ is in our Midst, so that we all,

Remain in Light.