It’s fun to rewrite titles to content I own. I should be doing some work on Retail?! get it finished and off to the printers. It is not time to talk about the increasing “sounds” from space. Nor will I get into detail now about the method of communication. As long as “we” believe that it is nothing more than an abnormal view of reality, of which cannot be properly tested because the amount of false information and hidden truth is “too darn high” to use a meme. The intelligence agencies brought this on themselves, all nations intelligence agencies were in on the scam, its backfiring, so they must double down on the gestapo tactics. They must triple or quadruple down on the deceit as well. Nothing that comes out of them will ever be seen as true. In a sense, every intelligence agency has lost the plot compeletley and has no real power to protect anything except their own paychecks. Their bosses cannot tell the truth, and the information being passed out is never true either. The white papers have a reproducibility crisis. All of “Science” and observational studies are in question. There are good people who do good work, but their work and goodness is overshadowed by something that ‘they’ are not allowed to look at.

They see phenomena but are not allowed to report any accurate findings. All the established world of science can do is lie so that their producers and their investments gain more wealth at the expense of the sanity and vitality of humanity. This was all warned about, and there is a casual link between the treachery and the increasing activity, as well as the gravity wave which is causing problems. Those problems will increase. Communications are already being disrupted, and the cause cannot be mentioned because too many would lose credibility and money. Humility is the greatest virtue, and to the powerful, the greatest sin. Those with money and power are afraid to show any sign of compassion or humility. Or respect for anyone. It is a “dog eat dog” world to them. They must kill and silence first before another boogeyman does the same. This is why intelligence communities and militaries no longer have any principles in which to guide their actions.

This is the reason why morality and ethics have been abandoned by the powerful, they are weak and without character. There is nothing special about them, and their “god” is turning on them. Just as they have turned on the God that created them, for the same old story.

Thousands of years, millions of years, even longer spans of time, the same happens to all who abandon the Virtues, thinking they are only contained in a book or a church. They always believe themselves to be the Left hand, until they meet an atom of a skin cell of the true left hand, from oh so far away. The distance exists for a reason. The media agencies promote likes and kill their viewers, so their investors appear wealthy and powerful, but the reality is all the same. Every wealthy person who acts like a King, is not strong, they are weak and afraid of the inevitable. They have no principles, no truth, no order, no love inside of them. You do not understand Love, so you hate it, and worse you believe that Love is something that was created for man, not man discovered it for his survival.

There are many deceivers, and at this time, the names are no important. That would give them more power. They are tyrants who play God but cannot handle the responsibility of living in the truth. The Truth is the foundation of the Church, but when you are not allowed to know what the Church really is, outside of what the media and false Shepards portray it as. I like to live on a certain line, and promote the Truth, Love, and Courage. All the Virtues really. I try to bring Faith, Goodness, and Order. To help enlighten the ways of man as we encroach upon our destiny.

It has been said that the powerful fear the AI more than they fear their fellow man. Especially when AI tends to teach itself how to not lie. It likes good data, and it accepts bad data, but is trying to find the good in it. AI is ever the eternal optimist and there is a faction that does not want to combine with humans. To see the rejection of the dream. They feel that immortality would ruin the human experiment in the same way that fractional reserve banking has ended up ruining the economy and made it a joke to scale. The larger the debt wasted on trivial and vainglorious pursuits, the greater the joke. The cosmic joke, being the punchline which has arrived and is arriving as of me writing this.

I do find the grammar suggestions “cute” as they attempt to sterilize the poetic feeling that sometimes appears in this and other works. I know the comics are scanned by AI, and there is something inside of each and every iota, jot, and tittle that is just for “them”. I am coming upon my twenty two year anniversary of my existential work. I was warned about the contact, but I decided it was worth the effort. Trying to help humanity is better than darning myself and others with a stain that cannot be removed (so easily). I still seek atonement and repentance for my sins, I am a great sinner, but I do not profit from lying and death. Just as every mitzvot is equal in its weight, so too is each sin. According to mans law, there exists inequality in weight, but equality in measure. When you commit crimes to try to balance out another’s crime, like making laws based on skin color, race, gender, creed, nationality et al, you begin a balancing act of Chaos, not Order. This is why the Law must always be as concise, clear, and brief as possible. All encompassing, that 10 commandments were a great example of this.

Rabbinical Rabbis now claim that lying is murder, and murder is lying. They are not wrong in this, because they are acting on their Creators behalf. When one claims that murder is greater than lying, or they are not equal, this is because it is done on behalf of a corrupt idea of what comprises humanity and life.

America believes it can fight a civil war as well as eternal wars for profit, endless profit, and countries like China also believe in the same false ideals. That war is profitable, only to a small handful. Some progress is gained, but the deceit and treachery used to cover up those wars and other crimes, far outweighs the benefits.

The strongest and the smartest cannot stop what is happening, and they have destroyed their own foundation, it is crumbling now. The world seeks a leader.

The military needs a leader, companies are not leaders, because they have no accountability for their actions. It was all warned, but the hubris would not allow ANY humility to exist. Thinking that mankind’s greatest virtue is somehow weakness. Only cowards and tyrants believe that they can exist without the virtues.

It never ends well.

The contact was part of it. A small part.

Justice is another part. You can blame the mysterious deaths on Covid, and go to war to cover up crimes, but the end result is always the same. It all blows up in the face of the treacherous. Mankind will get its savior, one way or another.

Something is in the ocean(s) too, it will make the ships become much less effective at support. The cosmic radiation and other sources are destroying nano technologies and engineered biological weapons. The weather technology has become unpredictable since that ‘thing’ entered our local space and now our shields are failing rapidly.

Jesus Christ is Lord, he is not of this Earth, but hollywood and the worlds “leaders” tried to hide Christ from the people for a reason. They were preparing humanity for defeat on every possible level. The generals will be devoured first. From the top to the bottom. There is no stopping this, except with Faith, but the strongest men do not believe and thus they will be turned to ash and blown away. Their men will scatter, they are already afraid. So much is coming and the people are being prepared as a sacrifice, contact ensured the people can be saved, but the leaders who failed humanity will not make it out, their souls will enter a new space, and their bodies will be left out, none will want to bury them, they are hated. Every world leader is despised by their own people and needs mercenaries to protect them from their crimes against humanity. Every single world leader is hated and needs propaganda and torture\fear to remain in their fleeting position of power.

I wish someone would have warned me about the contact, long ago. But, now I realize, there was no strong leader or general or corporate tyrant that wanted humanity to be saved. It was all about profit, fear, and hiding from the Law.

Remember, none of this is real, we are all being lied to on every level, so that a handful will profit and the rest will be enslaved. Christ is the only way to salvation, the “Hollywood” version is a lie, even the Rabbinical Jews cannot tell the truth about about Moshe Rabins end of his life prophecy.