The response is evil, the source is an indication of the response. Atonement is the only way forward. I still struggle with a lot of internal turmoil. I am very grateful and thankful for this comic, and my allotted time for prayer/sacrifice. It’s all about trying to deliver more content that improves the world. This comic will help, somehow, I can feel it in muh bones. I’m not serious about that; but I am serious about being able to make this comic and slowly improve and control it\me more. I know I am more than fashionably late to the party. The Holy Spirit is also sought after, but there is so much to do, and so little time. It is a work day today. It begins in 30 minutes.

I might start streaming the comic again. It depends on how comfortable I become in making these.

Retail has hit a snag with NanDeck, which means I will have to treat it differently. I have a difficult time importing text into clip studio. The text tool is quite difficult to use unless it’s just a simple string.

I might make some of these a Paint3d finisher. Time consuming, but it’s a quick and dirty method, really need to learn grids to help design work be a snap.

The box(es) art is also a small stumbling block. That will need to be tackled this week. That might be easier, as I will keep the text as minimal as possible.

Also need to purchase dice, might go to the local game shoppes, and pick them up and pitch\play the game.

I hope I can find a person to contract the tabletop simulator scripting and entry also multiplayer. I keep looking for one, I might have found one.

It is time for me to leave you for a little while, until the morrow.
Thank you Host, Hosts, and Readers, it is your love over the years that has caused me a lot of growth and help sustain my belief in God since Schwofield was created(ing) since 2002.

If you are not a fan of Retail!? I have more games coming down the pipe, but without clearing this game out I cannot move on. I am excited to bring Retail!? into this world. I have plans for it and more. MORE!!

Don’t worry, Christ in our midst, and my plans want to help us all
Remain in Light.

Thank you again for this opportunity.