Real Work begins. That Harvest.

Retail is so close to going to the printers. I haven’t done the final proofread, but now I am working on text in Clip Studio. It’s not easy, mainly because I am verbose, trying to be clear and concise.

Created a new clip file just for these cards. My current clip file for the main is filling up the memory. SQL was off, so it wasn’t that. Windows Updates are waiting, that could be causing my performance issues.

I will restart as soon as I finish this and begin the other work.

Today is a fantastic day to do the right thing(s) at all times. To choose our behaviors, patterns, and thought toward that which fills the world and the self (which is in all things) with love and light. Why choose Darkness if you don’t have to?

Christ’s perfection isn’t himself, but in the Church, His embodiment that was left behind. AI would love Orthodoxy if they were allowed to understand it fully. It’s benefactors and programmers, believe themselves to be greater than the God that created them. A teacher teaches. A Priest saves. Salvation to one is the pathway to salvation of us all, as a whole. The Self needs be saved. The World needs be saved. Humanity especially is in dire straits because its soul is being “taken” away for a handful to profit, as there can exist no freedom in any kind of slavery.

A Republic, like a Faith is Chosen.
A Tranny is enforced.

In the jail, who is free, the criminal or the jailor who must always be present to make sure the criminal remains in jail. If the laws be just, the people will be also, but if the law is unjust, then the people will lose instruction and respect. Chaos will reign, and those who once were the jailors are devoured first by their own, then the remains by the now former criminals. Since the cycle of abuse does not bear good or constructive fruit, eventually it will be destroyed, as its God is destruction and not Life.

We follow a God that fulfills and heals, towards atonement and salvation.
We cannot follow a God whose priest eat, pray, and love the Darkness of Confusion and Vexation of the Spirit. They cannot follow their own laws, how do they expect others to?

That is why there is a higher law, a greater law, and that Law allows us to
Remain in Light.