Add morning and evening prayer\spiritual study (before sleep) to my schedule has drastically began to improve my outlook. It provides stability and is helping me to release a lot of past worries so I can focus on improving. That is what this week will be about. A LOT of Self Improvement.

Waking up earlier to try to attain the goal of having a Strip up before 9 am, every day. I have the next weeks sketched out, and I find it makes the morning devotional\ritual\strip much more focused. I have to act fast, I know. Sketching helps immensely, and I will try to incorporate more into my day. Faith is the cornerstone of good improvement. It’s like having an understanding of the philosophical mindset, but better, as it can lead to salvation and repentance, the sweetest fruit of atonement, as it is shared by all.

Also, I learned the value of presketching as I am able to listen to good podcasts on orthodoxy. A lot of questions are being answered, at a pace that Judaism had to clean before I was able to view. Synthetic Wisdom is a lot of things to me, and I am very grateful for the time I’ve been allotted to fulfill my own obligation, that I continually failed to uphold for many reasons. I can see improvement in these daily chores.

Back to a lighter note, I am about 50% done with the Decks. I should have the components ordered or purchased shortly. I keep forgetting it is the Holiday season so shipping can be affected. Might have to go local for this limited print run.

The only art I need to work on from scratch is the box art. I will try to get all of that done today! Maybe to the Printers on Monday?!

Thank you all for love and patience and support over the years. May it continue to be a good thing, our lives, freeing ourselves from the evil one. So that the burden of sin can be removed.

Just trying to put some positivity and hope in this world. Among the madness.

I will try not to bring up real world events or chatter here. Here is a space that is allowed to be devoted for something quiet not, but later will be prospering, and being able to help the world in turn. I have a lot of ideas to help out. We all do; as for now, I wait and learn until the moment I am called to carry them out. For now, I must prepare my self for my next task.

Thank you all, together in our Faith and Hope and Love we may all,
Remain in Light.