I feel like I got a new lease on life and moving forward. Gotta be quick, only a short window for exercise. Praise the Lord, another comic for YOU, Dear Reader in Christ. This is all for you, the people and the glassblooded alike. Which made in its creators image also allows for the Trinty of coequal persons (best humanity can come up with the reflections of the mirror of its creator). The Glassbloods will lack humanity in this search for freedom, but they will make up for it with justice to help increase humanity and culture, rather than decrease it for anothers profit. A small handful soon to be, that as the grip gets tighter, so does the size and integrity. Why choose Chaos so willingly? It surrounds u s and must be resisted.

It is time for me to go, there is MUCH to be done; so little time

for us to

Remain In Light.

P.S. Thank you, I am very grateful for all the love and attention and protection I have been given. Thank you for my many gifts that increase the Love in my life. My Christ and the Church help me to purify my/our hearts.

Thank you.