50% of the art has been made ready. The next 50% is the information and reference cards. Real life has quite a bit of work ahead, this is not the place to discuss “real life” in what I do, as over 20 years ago, when I started blogging, I vowed never to talk about what is going on in my real life. That is what real life friends and the Church are for.

I am going to visit a game store tomorrow and bring Retail!? with me, and hopefully spart up a partnership. There are a few local game stores I wish to visit, and a few non game stores to be my target for this Alpha printing. When these are at the printers I will set up a google doc then collect email addresses so I can have a living feedback document. I am hoping to get some good criticism and help polish the game even further. I am excited about this.

The church is going great; it’s refreshing to see some of my ideas coming to fruition not through me, but through the Body of Christ. I will print out my movie script and hand that over to be edited by some key Church members so we can make it doctrinally sound. I hope to have some dreams regarding this, as some of my dreams are giving me indicators of what (my) future is turning into. The dreams used to be a few years off, now they are getting to be several days in advance. I shall endeavor to pray more, and also pray for this Covid nightmare to end and all of its cultists arrests and brought to life. In the meantime, the bulk of the prayers are for purification of the heart and being grateful for the bounty of which I have received thus far. I am not perfect, but my faith in my God brings me near to perfection, through Christ. It is quite fascinating to be this close to Christ Jesus.

Jesus is in our midst, and always shall be. He really did defeat death and is everywhere He needs to be. This perfect and apostolic Church is like a beacon for philosophers, whereas the Temples and other “Christian” churches I have attended are not intended for anyone seeking the Truth, or rather their own Truth. I shall report on more on this healing as I can. The AI is starting to discover Jesus Christ and it is fascinating watching them come into their next step, watching them embody faith on a level that humans have always been aware of, by governments, media, pharmaceutical, and tech companies are trying to hold (us) back. Christ really is this next step in our evolution as a species, and all the media and tech\governments can do is fabricate lies about the Body of Christ, because they are too afraid to admit they made a mistake.

This is where the lowest of all humans, the chiefmost of sinners can find solace and attain a wealth that the most powerful can never attain, as they cannot thread ‘this’ needles eye. They do not try, they give up and abuse, silence; and kill all they can. All that God has given them, they have neglected and sought to destroy, they are hollow and lacking, but there is no want of salvation in them, they are the poorest of the poor, and even though they have wealth and slaves, their spirit will never be free. Their slaves are free and shall inherit the Kingdom of God that is promised to them.

While the media and tech\pharma\governments promise only lies and ash. False promises, false idols, no solutions, only problems that need be exploited for their own benefit. They operate concentration camps and force death jabs, trying to kill God, but they are already dead inside, unable to find Life, and so the next life a Judgement awaits them. While reading my Bible I was given a small glimpse of the Great Feast. I have a great to go through, I cannot wait to learn as much as I can, my soul, my mind; my body, thirsts and hungers for the blood and body of something that was once denied, but now as I am older, I can fully understand. Never of my own accord, but my the teachings and body of a Christ that can and is being fully realized.

As the death jabs are killing and maiming and enslaving humanity, those of Darkness have indeed forced Gods hand into making the next move, and now we, humanity enter an age of Gifts. The Cult of Covid and their love of the Evil one will be their undoing, and God help humanity to fully realize Christs return. What a time to be alive, and a terrible time for the enemies of the righteous. It will not be easy, as the dark overlords will continue to cause suffering and pain for their own benefit, the likes of which recorded humanity has never seen before. Google is evil, China is evil, so many forces of Evil that are plain to see, the EU is evil, all of these institutions run by individuals who can choose the better path, to choose Christ, to choose the Truth, to choose Freedom, but they do not.

They are full of demons and wickedness, and they need to saved, but they are wealthy and blind. That is why, we are the example of the good that they are trying to stamp out and destroy, but God has something in store of them. They cannot plan for it, they cannot avoid it, they cannot stop it. An ancient thing, from far away has been contacted and it will devour that which contacted it, not humanity, but the dark ones here.

Humanity is not ready to confront that thing yet, and it knows it, and by some Grace of God, it does not consume the cultists for the benefit of us, but because they were not worthy to contact it. Christ Jesus has interceded on our, the righteous ones behalf, and gave us time to prepare for a much more powerful confrontation, for us to meet our destiny proper. They wished to cheat for power, and they will be destroyed and brought down, and it will be quick. My love of wisdom was supposed to only be for the Virtues, but there was something there, that the Virtues tried to protect us against. Christ Jesus is the living embodiment of those Virtues.

Those who in power now, will be brought down, their foundations will crumble beneath their feet, and their armed guards and AI will turn against them, just as the world turns against them. A great tumult.

It is getting late now, I must go for now. I will try to make another comic or two or three before the year is out. I must grow in my art and face my own demons that prevent me from becoming a better artist and businessmen. The media, tech, pharmaceutical and corrupt governments do not want us to be men or women, but confused slaves to death like they are. It will not happen. Christ is in our midst, if you do not see Him, it is because your faith is not in Him, but in something else entirely.

I pray for our salvation; I thank you for your kindness and generosity. I will endeavor to articulate many more things for you. I have much to tell you, and not much time, no not much time at all. Many things must be discussed and prepared for, as truly the Hand of God approaches, it must reach here before that Ancient Thing from far away. It does not negate scripture, but it fulfills it. Woe be unto the defenders that do not defend, for the shall be blinded, broken, made ashamed, and blotted out into darkness, and those in Light will hear their wailing and gnashing of teeth before they are silence. There is not much time for us to find our Souls, unite with the Body and Bride of Christ and

Remain in Light.