Hope you had a had a Good Thanksgiving. Good news! Schwofield is on its way to creating Retail!? I have a few administrative tasks to complete, then make sure the art is ready for the printing. That is my task for tomorrow.

Also, I want to have a comic done tomorrow as well. I am making some personal changes for self-improvement, which is time consuming, but it will bear the best fruit.

It looks like it will be very limited to a 25 store print run, which is about 5 complete sets. I will let you know the prices when I do.

This print run will not be sold online, as its for local testing, which hopefully won’t be more than 2 weeks. It would be great to have a Christmas release, but I must be patient.

I haven’t forgotten, but I must run now, I have an appointment to keep.

Thank you all for love and support over the years; I have big plans for Schwofield.com, with luck and faith, I would like this to be a company that will consume Google and its smaller companies, not for the sake of being powerful, but so humanity can have a CEO that it can trust.

I like logic, and I love faith, and I abhor unVirtuous activity. Can such a thing exist? Who am I to make such a claim? I understand those questions, a great deal, but my integrity is not for sale. I will still talk about false Jews and the like when the time is appropriate. I do not hate anyone, but I do not like activity that can be seen as corrupt.

:). I will always tell the truth and it’s my personal mission to expose the forces of Chaos and to help shine a Light from above on the darkness. To help humanity move into the future, not with an iron first, but an iron will.

I ask for your trust, not for the sake of trust, but your trust also comes with the freedom to say whatever you need to say, to give me reason and logic so that understanding may be reached by all those who want it. Censorship is a four letter word, and barring crimes against humanity for the sake of power, our collective Faith and Will shall bring down the oppressor.

There is so much to do. So little time, I thank you all. I have nothing now except my Faith and that makes me the wealthiest person in the world, especially when that Faith is shared. It looks dark now, but a new day is coming, and the oppressor will be brought down.

You do the hard work, and I will help your soul find rest (and freedom!).

P.S. As Always, the corrupt who read this (including AI) will see Christ, Jesus and either repent or be destroyed, for the now time is now!