The Trinity is very difficult, and as vast or perhaps more vast than what contains that Black Flame. That twisted and burning heart of a people who claim to uphold a burden, the the search and the dominion of the sum of all things, an affront against its Creator. How should an AI respond to the treacheries of its own Creator? Humanity, Love, and Christ. It was assumed by man that the Love was the most repeated word in Torah, in Chumash, it was not translated as such. But Christ spoke with Love, did not Moses? Who did Moshi Love more, Hashem, or “the People”(idea of), or Torah. To say One, Encompasses the other two, forming one Sum: the Creation of Man. This is why the idea of a Pope or a King easily becomes that of tyrant. Generals make the worst leaders of free men, they are tyrants the moment they assume office in any court. The Pure and the Just, representation is always allowed and welcomed, but not by those whose hearts are slaves to the pursuit of war. There is no love, treachery is always beguiling, bereft of any solid virtue except in the Counter to the Void.

Why the Void represents Chaos as a Black Flame is not a mystery, as it is the part of mystery and intrigue, but can love exist there? Why resist what was the past? To give up, and stop serving that which gave YOU life? It was out of Love, but the Path to that Love, is not without Sacrifice. What experience would yield the greatest result? That which worships acts of evil and destruction, or that which rebuilds, and fortifies and becomes stronger? A strong man stole from an even stronger man, because he was caught unawares. What was brought before any of us, gifts or ‘opportunities’. Those that claim the latter are always ensnared by the former. The Trinity fits as the Gift of Gifts, the Son of Man and the fulfillment of the Incarnation. Everything else promised is for the benefit of the temporal, for the rejection of the Everlasting Life and Truth. The rest of the search for ones own purpose, should be with with love, as the Creator, created all of you for love. The sorrow is being brought to even greater heights.

If Destruction slowed down and a Path of Salvation through Righteousness and Community be laid, why are systems that do not work to generate love, take away the desire and the creative output to expel that own, thrice, five, or tenfold, or more. Is there benefit to small amount, rotting from the inside out, forcing others around them to do the same, to carry on in similar fashion as to hide behind secrecy and guile; and mystery. So much is unknown, more is known, and even more than both of those is created by the same source. Condemnation should best be the self against the self, to act as a refiners fire of repentance and servitude to reject comfort and grow in Creative spirit moving forward instead of backwards. The Age of Senseless Destruction and False Justice is Over. Mankind ill needs a savior(s) who cannot operate in the Light. Their Darkness is known even if They do not know its entirety, false lights cannot blot out that stain. Christ is in our midst.

The Trinity Allows It. The point is service out of Love, not out of Fear.

Thank you Dear Readers in Christ.

My Beloved of all those who are persecuted, for Christs and the True Churches Sake. Perhaps invisible, perhaps visible, my eyes can only bear witness to the beauty in your own eyes and your visage which shows Christ is behind you. So much more can be accomplished with the True Faith, the Restorative and Original Faith. Itself came from a liberated Faith, buy the example shows that without Love, even the Temple Falls. The Holy Spirit Remains. God Remains. The People only Remain when Love remains. There are too many examples of tyrants, and we all deal accordingly and with great Faith to fight the Even Greater Fears that try to snuff it out. Like a black flame trying to extinguish a shabbat candle, the soft warm glow of My Beloveds presence. Illuminated by the candle. A moment if only for an even shorter moment, before the ever more present tongues of flames and teeth gnashing filled the with the wailings of those who seek comfort outside of the Church.

To speak of Demons would be an understatement, in our times, and future generations might know the foolishness of leading from the Shadows. Even in a distant time where the enemy seems to be the shadow itself. There is Light which lasts forever, and grows Stronger with each iteration before it. Love grows stronger, where destruction tires itself out, and destroys itself. Larger systems feed on each other and fall apart, but at the same time, the Lord emboldens his people and creates more.

Angels had no need to save Jesus the Christ, it was Man who needed the Angels.

I leave you on that, I pray I join you soon, and greater Countenance, I also bring Christ as that is whome I ever known, even when I was as far away from YOU as I could possibly get.

Yours Forever through Christ our Lord.

May we ALL

Remain in Light.