Im listening to a lot of Orthodoxy lectures now. Wow, talk about a panacea for the soul\heart. It also shows why the progressive agenda as others call it leads to despair and addition\abuse. There is no foundation of truth or love, and without either of those no courage to change. Not change for the sake of change, but change to transform\purify ones heart. This is what the people who need their identity as their voice lack, there is no purity in them, or humility. No community can exist.

China and America are both marxist nations where pharmaceutical and military industrial complexes run the nation, and the media does nothing but raise the stocks of the approved entities, but there is no soul, no community, no humanity in their articles and their actions. They deny the Father, because they have had bad or missing fathers. Earthly fathers and institutions of betrayal because they rejected all that was good and honorable, for profit and temporary pleasures. This is why Jesus the Christ spake the phrase “What does a man profit if he gains the world but loses his soul in the process?”

Its like winning an election through fraud and censorship. Or selling a product that kills and maims people while taking away the right of refusal. Hollywood celebrities have money, but they can only spend it on approved products that help those are invested in them. Those same celebrities are told to vote one way, but in their heart of hearts, they vote another. They are as empty as the politicians and anyone else who praises Chaos and self destruction (also Chaos). Now the culture is that only people with certain skin colors or genders or preference are allowed to have a community while those not approved by their masters have no humanity or any rights\freedoms. The very crimes that that group was accused of, they themselves are committing against people they now dehumanize because its appropriate to commit crimes against people you do not like. Only the most treacherous and ethically disabled are allowed to have any power, and even then, their drug and self abuse is evidence. They are not happy, even after gagging, jailing, and killing their enemies, its not enough. It will never be enough for them. There is nothing new under the sun.

I am recuperating from work, and trying to heal my own soul. Lord, please help me heal my soul. Humility is what saves mankind, forcing people to what the hypocrites and broken refuse to do, is what is destroying humanity. They will never be happy, its hard to make a human happy, it took several thousand years and many attempts before something advanced like Orthodoxy could get to the heart of the matter and heal what society breaks. There is no such thing as social Justice. There is only Justice in according to the Law of the Land.

When it comes to Christ and each individuals salvation, it can only come through humility and working with a small community to improve the world. No mother church is needed. No great business of algorthims and censorship. Google et al, has divided the world based on skin color, creed, nationality, jab status, preference.. et al, if there is a method of division that can exist, silicon valley\china\zionism\false order will exploit it for monetary gain and social control, but the ones who run those organizations have nothing, so they deny being whole to their users. Since they do not make money from Salvation, they must make their users as broken and confused like they are, so they submit to the abuse and give up their rights and freedoms to people who avoid accountability and responsibility. Those systems always fail, and even with “AI” the fall is always spectacular.

I praise Christ, and after doing some searching, the Greek Orthodoxy has the best message overall. As for “Christianity”, not a single person Christian or otherwise has any idea what Orthodoxy is, so they believe that all Christians are the same. There is no knowledge in them, nor a desire for a whole community, just to appease their own egos, and control others so that they never look bad, and never have to admit fault.

I am a sinner yes, the chiefmost, yes. I make mistakes constantly, but I desire to stop making mistakes, and when I do, to seek atonement as quick as possible. To help purify my heart, which is the hardest thing a man can do. It is necessary, but none of the progressive doctrines or the advanced researchers can help humanity because they can only profit from destroying humanity so a program can be created to connect the broken people into a group that can later be exploited and broken\spied upon, so more programs can be created.

This is why America invests heavily in its enemies. It needs to pay people to destroy it, so it can bleed more money form itself to pay for the problem it creates. The Progressives do not desire a whole person, nor a whole country. The idea of Progressivism is that people only have value if they can be exploited so that those who exploit can not pay taxes and request more money to help them make more people they can exploit. These are not new in any way shape or form. AI seems new, but its based on humanity, and those that make the AI, are not good people simply because they work with machines, people are only good based on their actions and deeds\words. The people who work on AI that is used to exploit and destroy humanity makes them evil or bad, or lovers of Chaos. Especially when their managers who did not do any work to help them, are the major recipients, while the rest of humanity is forced into slavery, using machines, to satisfy those who can never be satisfied.

What happens is always the same. Pride goes before the Fall. It is the managers and investors that destroy their own work, and everyone who once worked for them.

The Pentagon is a prime example of betrayal. If something can be betrayed the Pentagon like every other politician will betray it for financial and personal gain. There is nothing new under the sun.

I hope I feel better, and recover to show you an example of someone who is striving to do better and purify my heart, I want you to do the same. I want all of us to be able to do the same. The Orthodoxy will return, many nations would rather have the Orthodoxy than LGBTQ+ or even Islam, or even Roman Catholicism. Those groups seek division and power, while the Orthodoxy has no need to seek anything more than healing of the heart. The opposite of groups that exist for the sake of gaining money and power for his higher members.

I pray the Lord is with you, and Christ heals your(our) hearts. It is the hardest struggle we will ever face, and I support you doing so, but the reward is something that money and power cannot buy: true self confidence and adulthood. Humanity needs to grow up, but it cannot while the tech\media\government i.e. make money from keeping us all infants that believe that genocide is acceptable as long as we do not like who we dehumanize.

Christ is in our midst.