Had to take a break due to work. I will try to return when I can. I have a comic that I am slowly working on, but work has a LOT of projects which require my attention. I hope to resume some activity next week.

So much work that I have to be responsible, for the billionaires and trillionaires that “run the world” get paid to avoid all responsibility. Thank you Father, for this work.

I pray that the Covid fraud and the dangerous vaccines come to an end, and that everyone involved with the scam are exposed and thrown in jail. A new era of Justice and Law begins!

I will also try to work on my game this weekend. I will say that the the lack of responsibility from the US Government and US military makes me not want to continue this kind of work. I must do it, even as they fail the people of freedom and goodness.

I have another site where I will talk about.. the antiVirtues. As for now: Humility will be the Greatest of the Virtues, because it prevents them from being perverted.

Thank you all dear readers.