Controlling ones thoughts, leads to control of the mind, which leads to control of the body. Monotheism is a great leap forward in this respect, if Courage is understood, fully. Thank you all for your support and protection. I forgive you, but can you forgive yourself. Can I forgive my self? On many things, no. Not yet. I do not forgive my self for being a better artist and writer, and not having Retail!? done sooner. So much to do alone, but at that same time, even in this “virtual” prison of the filter bubble, I still pray to leave the Court of the GodQueen, once and for all. There is much to do, and so little time. Humanity is speeding up, but at the same time it is trying to destroy its own past, and hate every aspect of its own self that is not accepted by the corrupt and mentally\morally\ethically\spiritually challenged, or actively neglected. What of the dreams? They come true, but what are they to you? A language of a soul that is rejected because it cannot afford the freedom to be something that is full of self hatred and forced mindlessness? The spirit of a people are lacking, and the leaders cannot afford to feed the people they have exploited for profit and personal gain. So what of this to you? To me? To watch and to witness such a thing. To have a platform at least for now. No hate in me, unless it is for me, the only acceptable hate are the ones meted out by the oppressors, who divide and conquer, just like their Master and GodQueen.

I serve the King and come only in His Name. May Christ be with us all to

Remain in Light (Ohr La’Hashem Emet Olam).