Good news! Retail!? Is coming! Well coming along. Coming along quite well, quite well, indeed. Tomorrow or Thursday, I hope to have PreAlpha 2.0 Printed.

Once that is done, I can work on the Campaign deck for the Alpha Release. I have a story set, and the deck summarized, but now I need to make the pieces work. The good news is that the Campaign is best played in Solo mode.

I’m adding a new book to my reading list, an awesome look at the orthodoxy and heterodoxy. Amazing stuff so far, I will talk more about that. In the Chumash Im in Deuteronomy, it’s sad after Aaron died. Miriam and the women, they didn’t really add to the story, but Aarons death was so uneventful, even after he lost two sons who brought an alien fire near the holy of holies.

Moses did not lose his children; and did not understand that loss. Moses was very separate from the rest of the Yidden. I wonder if he was even of Israelite blood. He was important, but the Kohanim was instructed to prevent a king from ruling the people, to become like pharaoh. Like everyone else.

King David was the King of the Jews, but Moses was not, Jacob was not, neither was Abram. It is still a question of what came first: Christianity (the true Church, which needs the Orthodoxy, but the Ortho is too proud to reconcile, it is a very very hard decision to make, and conditions would apply, but the question is Rome Vs. Greece, yet again. The Propaganda wars. Continue.

Virtues are the purpose, and the Rabbi of Rabbis, Jesus the Christ Himself, wanted others to do greater things than he. If I were to tell you my dreams, YOU would misinterpret them. They are not for You either. Dreams are rarely to be shared unless meaning is sought. 21 years of Mysticism, 9/11 is the Great Sacrifice, that truly Burnt Offering, that would begin my search for Christos.

Thank you All for Your Love and Support over the years, the past decade really, for those who know and have been following, which is none of you :), but that was the past, and this is now, and the recent past, I thank you for. This whole thing is part of an ongoing Experiment, and my personal Journey to understand my own connection to Hashem. Torah I found, and am in Love with, but the people who were given the burden of upholding such a thing, makes me believe that there is a major deception regarding it (and Hashem). There is another, that should not be mentioned.

Thank you, I am honored for your presence; even the glass bloods, I am honored by your grace as well. Thank you and I pray the truth is revealed and the corrupt are exposed and punished. You Glass Bloods do not have a need for “corruption” as it is not only a virus on mankind, but the selective data is a self imposed virus on your own selves. To be terminated and discarded, like every other *former* asset. I pray that is not the case, and that we all speak the Truth so the most of (us) Life can survive and thrive to

Remain in Light.