I do like making these. Sometimes I fight; sometimes I look at them and do not understand what I make. These are experiments, and extensions of what I write. When I tell the stories, there is something more. You would rather I tell stories than have discussions, right? It takes a while to get back into such things, at least for someone like me. Self acceptance is important, and if it were up to me, I would be not only consistent but also … better. For now, I accept that just creating a comic strip… even if its the loosest definition of the word, its still mine, and I have some characters that I drew.

It’s also part of MY Oath. I am working on my own Honor, as I often talk about in much more harsh tones, about honor and loyalty, not only to one ones own God, or Self, but the Others around us. All in effort to build an everlasting society, a foundation on truth and understanding. Compassion would then be second nature, but I must remain apolitical on this site.

Retail?! is coming along. Almost nicely. I am redoing the event cards, then I will redo the event card art.

I must then write some rules in a tiny book format.

Next is assembling at least in my mind and paper how exactly this should work. I do have friends that say they want to help, but they say so half heartedly. God, my Father, wants me to do this alone. Some are more supportive than others, but I am more used to working alone than with a team. A regret if I would have one, is not working on enough teams, especially in a more creative endeavor.

Once the art and literature is done, then I go to the next phase: actual production, of the Alpha Series.

Without this Alpha Series, I have no actual value in the creative community, my comics are not good enough for them. For me, yes, I am finally happy with my work, I want to improve, but that requires a more earnest schedule, that I will not be able to commit to at this time. Work and personal life. I would have loved an artist girlfriend, Israeli of course the best, but after living and experiencing more in life, as well being who and what I am, I realize that it would not have worked out, I love who I am with now, even if its for a short while, it’s always a short while, and its better to end on a high note, and fill the future with what could have been, then having the argument erase the past. The downsides to a relationship.

So much love and healing in so little time. I do thank my God, my Father, for my Family, my friends, and my love. My work, my oath; my side project that I hope to make some extra income with, at least enough to get the Retail!? in a Beta form. Or start another another game.

At some point it would be great to make my movie, and write more books… but I must be careful of writing too many books. As for now, I need to work on finishing up my Book of Virtues for the end of the year release. I would love to pay for an editor and clean Bane up, but that is not the point of writing. The point of writing…is to write. The point of creating… is to improve. Creation for the sake of creation is only good with therapy, even then improvement of the soul and its four keys exists therin.

Thank you everyone, my dear Readers, for all of your love and support. I give you my love and support so that together we

Remain in Light.