These are the days where in the future you look back to, and say, life was so much easier\simplier\safter back then. Or hopefully, this time, these days, were the dark days, the very dark days indeed. What makes them dark you say? Hypocrisy, sure of the state, but what of the self? I am working towards Christ, still no church wants to keep me, but watching them swell with Christians and soon to be Christians is more than what I can do. When a man turns the Christ, the world rejoices. When a man rejects Christ, the world suffers. If you have the choice to end suffering, or at least minimize it, would you? A lot of doctors are Christian and led by the Spirit to heal.

What of the Self? What of MY self? It sounds selfish, it does, but how can I help others, when I cannot help myself. That is what this trial is all about. Retail!? is moving at a slower pace, perhaps in an hour or so I will be able to work on it. I am going to edit the design a bit more, then I need to create better abilities cards, so that stores can use them.

I will also go over the abilities again before I go on another print run.

What also needs to be designed is the portrait artwork, and the backs of the cards. The customer cards will probably use the same backs as the front, unless that is too expensive. The Alpha release is the cheapest release. I need to get an EIN from the IRS. I have some redesign ideas for, with an actual product to sell, it will help me focus on what kind of design to work around. I have a LOT of ideas and I would like to become more powerful than Amazon and Google combined, but be a CEO of value and integrity, that honors truth and doesn’t help terrible regimes commit crimes and cover it up. It works for them, but I do not agree, and I want to improve the world, rather than go insane and… continue a path of destruction. It can and will be stopped, but I also work on other projects, almost too many projects.

I do want my real life work to match up well, there is too much to do, and so little amount of people I can work with, for *free* for now, but that will change. It all will change. My writing to you will change as well. There are some things I must write, but, for now, thank you again, My God, and my readers\supporters over the years. 12 years of Synthetic Wisdom, wow, lets see how long I can do this comic, and hopefully get better with art and improve my skill so I can draw more adventures. I always wonder what life would be like if I paired up with an artist on many projects, but who and what I am, makes it a little more difficult. I come in the name of the King, and choose a type of hard mode so that we all

Remain in Light.