Freedom and rights are interesting subjects. It took mankind several thousand years to obtain equal rights, and it took tyrants and cultists only a few months of false information to bring humanity back into the dark ages. My heart goes out to the people who are being forcibly injected while in other countries, the governments make it appear is if there is a choice. In their mind there is no such thing as reason, and the amount of money\propaganda makes that clear. The problem with all fraud is that once begun, the people engaging in it rarely have a come to jesus moment, or a moment of clarity\humanity\humility and seek to end the behavior and find\punish the wicked.

The idea of the investigation is not so much to point fingers, but to find out why bad behavior occurs, who\what is responsible, then an enlightened society seeks steps to prevent such future occurrences. Those are guidelines though; now we, humanity live back in the dark ages where nothing printed is true, and all true things are deemed as conspiracy theories. There is no room for discussion or finding a middle ground. Every man with even the smallest amount of power, considers himself or herself to be an absolute God that cannot be questioned for any reason; and cannot have any fault be be found.

To the tyrant, the smallest ounce of humility would make a once god realize he is not infallible, and that humanity is a collective that abandoned the Gods of Egypt for a reason. The tyrant wishes to return to the days where the ruling family are godkings, and the family is extended as far as the party can reach. When asked if there might be any faults or failings, the GodKings and GodQueens, seek out scapegoats and break every mirror they can find.

If any fault exists, instead of facing it like a human being, the answer becomes a war against humanity, which is what mankind is in now. We, the people, are at war with a ruling class, that has the guns and has turned us all into slaves that will consume products if we wish to live. The actual costs of things, the numbers are all falsified, even the GodQueens are so perfect that any and all truths\facts are looked at with disdain, and the messenger becomes the scapegoat. Thus deceit is the only way to deal with those that cannot handle any truth, or any reality in which they may made a mistake. Generals have killed their men, and Kings\Queens always kill their subjects before they are brought to justice. Generals used to commit suicide when they realized their fault was too great, but now Generals can be purchased by the enemy and used for nefarious purpose. Honor has become a four letter word when loyalty can only be guaranteed by a steady paycheck.

This has always been the case, and will continually be a\the case when those in power, or even the self decides not to honor contracts.

On a personal level, the tyrant is needed to improve, but too much leads to mental and physical\emotional harm.
Being too progressive and allowing all things to pass will destroy the body\ego\mind much quicker, as the idea of skin and boundaries are the laws not of *physics* or *nature* but the laws that comprise the foundation of (an) Order. Covid and the Cult that surrounds it is Chaos because it has no foundation in which to base its claims. Like a blind follower of any religion, those who claim to know but cannot present any truth to their claims leads to destruction of the self, the body, the mind, the intellect, the emotional core of a being. Calligraphy was created so accomplished swordsmen and those who fight\kill for honor have a task to hone their mind when they are not at war.

The body, the self (which resides in all things) is in a perpetual war, or conflict, so it is imperative that the person finds as much Truth as possible, while resisting the outside tyrants who care not for the individual, but will do anything to stay safe and feel good. Addiction is the mark of the tyrant. A person, now tells their own body that staying alive and solvent means nothing, and that their feelings must be kept in a state of happiness as much as possible. If any outside force goes against that feeling, than a person destroys their intellect as they attack and seek to destroy all that shows them at there is something other than happiness. A cult exists as a ritual and a scapegoat is needed for the idea of happiness to appear when happiness cannot ever be gained. A cult exists because a void inside of a person or people exist, and understanding is ignored, reason and logic are ignored, all things are ignore except what it takes to stay in the moment of realizing a happiness that never come. The chase far outweighs the actual thing, and the law of diminshing returns indicates that the tyrant will never be happy. That is why they are considered a tyrant. It is never enough to try to stop something, no, the quest as it were continues to destroy the idea of something. Then the idea of another thing.

Whenever the wind blows, the Tyrant hates the both the directions and the wind itself, because it represents change and the cycles. All Cults and Tyrants seek to end cycles because they lead to an understanding that happiness and improvement are gained, not at the sacrifice of another, but at the sacrifice of the self: humility.

Cults and Tyrants cannot exist with any humility, so they tell themselves and others, they are above all humans. They are Gods now, equal to that which created it. Such a statement I will not make as I cannot agree with that mentality in practice. Even after 21 years of the idea of ideas, I still find Christianity and Service to the King of Kings, one of the best paths to enlightenment, not in blind obedience, but because there exists the Spirit of Truth, Love, and Courage. The Virtues exist in Christ and with Christ.

Whereas the Cult and the Tyrant cannot exist with Virtues or Christ. There is no freedom and no understanding, just the blind obedience to ones own shadow. One considers himself a creator, but he cannot escape his own shadow that he worships and kneels before, trying to avoid any accurate reflection of his self and reality. There is no change in the tyrant. Only a heart that hardens with each new calamity. Freedoms are taken away because the Cult and the Tyrant, just like the self with a broken mind\emotion, cannot ever be free. The light is ignored, all light is ignored. The darkness of ignorance and blind obedience to a higher power that is still as human as the slave now being forced to worship at its feet. Both the Cult and the Tyrant have plucked out their eyes, removed their ears, and speak without any regards to what is going on. The Tyrant creates the world he must enslave, there is no freedom allowed.

No humanity is allowed either. A terrible game where only the losers reject their own humanity for profit.