There is a certain art to criticism, when its constructive; accompanied by wit, it can be like faith and move mountains. Constructive and not destructive criticism can lead to appropriate ends, not change for the sake of change, for the sake of change, for the Sake of Change. You forsake your own principles to uphold something that will be forsaken in the next change in the air. It is not good to abandon all the things, but there are some things that are of course removed but never forgotten, not judged. The Past is the past. Investigations to expose the individuals are the cornerstone of Truth and to remove the innocent and misguided from that search. Forgive us our Debts.

Humility is based on forgiveness which does have an end, it is never meant to be everlasting, just appropriate, recorded and thus the continuance of the more crucial matters than history and human choices. The lack of forgiveness and humanity indicates the intent and the “source”, which one should consider. This is why the Self is in the All Things, and How as well, but continuing on, the proper ratio should be three compliments for every Snark. That is not a hard ratio, just an idea that building up creates a much stronger foundation, in which snark and wit can develop best. Wit is a great weapon for Mankind, but without Humanity, it is meaningless and a detriment. Wit for the sake of Wit, just as Profit for the Sake of Profit, and Endeavoring for the Sake of Endeavoring. All Foreign “Gods” that are closest to one (mans) truest altar, which is like one’s own God, or Ark of the Covenant. How well does one know owns “own” Self? Even now when mental illness is praised and expressed, and mental solitude and resolve\strength is reviled unless on a collective allowance of turbulent emotion?

There is an inherent danger in too much snark, or applied at the wrong time, it becomes counter productive, life or death is usually the Great Reminder of Many things, just as survival. Salvation eases the Great Reminder; the Return to that which created it. The Void, yes, but a barrier, one that can be bypassed if its not worshipped. A fear that all living things have is of its own demise. It will do anything to survive. In the game of politics choose Social Contracts and Constituents and Colleagues with the Greatest of Care. Virtues and upholding codified law and using reasoned logic and discussion tempered with emotion, but never reliant upon it as its strength. The sharpness of that blade is always reason, logic; and evidence. To bear the truest of witness to a thing, as one was preoccupied on not crimes and doing what one loves, performing a talent for a reward. Mastering skills and understanding of the Universe, solving problems and helping out the next generations. Accusations and using ill informed history as a way to punish generations that are far removed from a thing entirely. New problems require new solutions, a false justice is worse than no justice at all. Facts are stranger than Fiction, to use an old cliche.

This where finding a task or skill that is needed, and finding enjoyment in it, and moving on to the next needed skillset, and\or becoming a researcher in a task or physicality, happiness is found not by owns own situation, but by owns own merit. The future has new problems that do require new thinking, but many things cannot be abandoned for the sake of abandoning things and stuff. That is a reckless refiners fire, burning away the fine material AND the dross alike.

It would be like the tyrant who performs surgery on its body, well beyond being a living corpse, with orders to do the same to the next ruler who lives in that same spirit. The Self Destruction is blamed on the people, or any other scapegoat, but the outcome is always the same. The people are divided and portioned off, with the body parts of the rulers, divided against each other to prevent the next revolution of the while and\or forgiveness and the cessation of that behavior. Like an alcoholic who abstains from drinking, strongest and feeling their best only when destroying themselves and others (the Self is in ALL things).

Restoring Truth so that we may all

Remain in Light.