I’m back at it again, comic is nearly inked up, text is done. Backgrounds are the last major hurdle.

Retail!? is almost all set up for the printers. For some reason a deck is printing out in a line instead of correctly to fit the maximum amount on a sheet of paper. Three Hundred dpi seems excessive for what I am doing, future games will be dropped to a Hundred and Eighty or so during the testing.

The first series is going to be the investment series, that will also include a more refined artist choice. I am trying to remain as simple as possible. Simple yet not missing any crucial thing. The motto of Synthetic Wisdom. Whether or not I succeed is not up to you OR I. Since these are for Hashem (God), the success is the thing, the duty. The Quest for Virtues. That book is in the back of my mind. I could “Publish” it by my birthday(at or around), it’s would be for purchase only via donation to my NPO, which is coming soon.

It’s now time for work, first breakfast, then the day begins. I hope to have this comic done after work hours; Retail, printed and maybe a game scheduled. Focus on accomplishing tasks of value and reinforcing social contracts so that we may all

Remain in Light.