It appears the damage to my Surface is not caused by me, but by internal pressure building from a battery. I’ve spoken with Microsoft and they are “investigating” the issue, while charging for a replacement since I am no longer under warranty.

Just finished moving my documents off, I got my Clip Studio license key forwarded to my work account. I will be without a Surface Tablet for however long it takes to get a replacement. I do have an old wacom bamboo tablet that I will be using in the meantime, but that I will a little time to set up.

I really liked this surface a lot; I pray I get a new one asap.

I do realize there are political rumblings and grumblings. My Oath demands that I cannot assist unless asked, there is a reason for this, as I am here to help, not take over, that might not be the case depending on who exactly humanity is dealing with. Many of us were not told until it was too late. It’s still not too later, but those at the top, are insane, as was projected. It sucks being clairvoyant at times, especially when I do not believe in such things. Belief is a powerful tool, and when you are not sure what you believe, you will fall for anything and everything.

A comic or two before I send it in, its a shame, I liked this a lot, but it appears that Verizon and Microsoft are experiencing expanding battery issues that sometimes burst into flames, I hope im not that far away, I think the issue is charging. Developers don’t know how to regulate charge effectively. Electric Cars can be quickly charged to half capacity, but after that, the length of time to charge up to 100% or 99.9999% grows longer and longer. The problem with Cultural Marxism is that they expect “science” to have all of the issues, but in reality, greed helps the ruling party turn a blind eye to the technical and actual difficulties and the fact that the majority of their proposals are neither based in reality, nor do we, humanity have the technical know-how to build their utopia that is based entirely on fiction and moves and theories from “philosophers”. I am a philosopher, I have theories, I also have the ace of swords with me at all times. I may not be rich and powerful, but what is the point if the rich and powerful destroy their own land, people, and economy JUST to stay in power. All will be sacrificed for their theories of how much corruption a people and a system can take before it utterly collapses, the problem with critical race theory is that it no longer has a genuine or true look on history, or any subject really, it blames anyone and everyone and changes history to fit the blame. Those who talk of Truth under that kind of Tyranny are always removed, they are called terrorists, or bigots, their help is not wanted, because their help would lead to the Tyrants admitting they made a mistake.

This is why, the blue bloods, i.e. the ruling class is no longer considered human. They are too powerful to uphold any virtues, so they replace goodness and law with fear and terror. Everyone else is wrong, and they are right, all the time, and nobody will ever be their equal, even among themselves. They are the hypocrites that kill and get killed because they choose power and greed over what we, as a collective need to have, in a functioning society of law and order, so that all of “humanity” and not the Tyrants in fine clothes and painted faces and professional clowning religious accessories , can and will

Remain in Light.