Real quick, many chores to do, then back to Retail.

Mark III was a success, and it might be the final prototype, no major changes. Abilities haven’t come into play, but that will be in the final polish. Two games so far, now I need to update my print lists with art, then work on some kind of placeholder card design. There is quite a bit of art needed, 300 custom card for the Alpha, and the release will have 1 more store added, while one gets moved away, so 360 cards, all custom portraits and card fronts. I could go the Illuminati way and forgo art, then if there is any interest, I could find a way to make it work.

Until then, I still have some issues with TTS, namely getting my first deck in. The art is messed up on the cards, I need to spend more time, which I will do, after putting away the clean dishes and putting dirty ones in the dish washer. That Kitchen o’ mine needs a cleanin’, perhaps during the week. Oh well, I’m rambling, so I’ll let you all here. Thank you for all of you support, I wish you all success and happiness and a return to Order and Virtue so that we all may ascend into and

Remain in Light.