Going to be quick now, have to clean up the dishes, drink the rest of my tea, then head out and print Retail!? The comic will be in black and white, I can already tell. This means I need to get into hatching and such, I’ll see what I can do. Perhaps start adding dimension on the characters, to help them stand out more. Also this means a return to comic bubbles. I’ll continue handwriting the letters though. It’s more practice, that is what this comic is, and always shall be.

Thank you so much God\Hashem for allowing me to get this far. As I might have stated, I have the next 9 or so comics in my sketchbook, most of them writing too, the ones that aren’t writing.. will get the spur of the moment treatment. There is not enough time to sit and compose excellence, plus, its read in about 15 seconds or less, and I need to cut this down to an hour exactly, make it easier to do before work. Get my morning schedule back. We shall see though.

I was going to leave this up, but really what’s the point? Just finish this and moove on to the next thing. Thank you again, dear Reader, and our God for making this possible. To Him do I kneel and serve, and for you, Dear Reader, I wish and pray only success and good things, and the resistance of Chaos, as well as our leaders waking up to reality and stop promoting Chaos for profit. Thank you ever so much, without you, it would be impossible to

Remain in Light.