I was given a box of Golden Sail Lychee Black Tea, this was the first time i’ve dealt with loose tea in an official metal container, and my first import tea as well. I had a Gunpowder Green Tea, still some left, it’s good, a nice smoky flavor, I tend to shy away away from black teas as they are sometimes too harsh.

This was smooth. The person who purchased it did not the Lychee flavor, and as someone who made a lychee pie (I will use food coloring next time to change the color, if there is a next time) I do enjoy the flavor.

This isn’t an endorsement of any kind, I have no idea where to get specialty teas, and I am not a fan of shopping online. My tea selection is very limited, usually to lipton or Celestial Seasonings, which are both good brands, oh Twinning’s is good too, but this was the smoothest black tea. I don’t need any kind of sweetener in it either, I usually don’t use a sweetener. Whatever God flavored the tea with, I prefer.

I also am learning to not let tea steep for too long. I used to a set it and forget it type of person, perhaps thats why my teas are bitter, and I do prefer that bitterness, I tell my body to use the bitter flavoring chemicals to help purge my body of any problems that it can deal with.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a Chinese Tea until recently, quite good. I wonder how it was prepared and all of the steps iit took to get here, and all of the foolishness that could\will\possibly take it all away, because of what needs to be hidden and what will go to great lengths to do so.

One day I’ll write more about teas. I still remember that black pearl tea I found in a former coworkers desk. Wow that was pretty good too. I don’t know anything more about it, it was nearly 20 years ago. So long, we cannot go backwards, but when we move forward we can either choose Truth, or continue with deception, greed, and lies. The latter options never have a good ending, not even from the minority that profits from it.. initially.