We all wish to remain in the light.

There is a story coming. Don’t worry, I know, things are tough. I get angry sometimes. We are only human. So much is falling down now, and the worlds governments have no strong leaders. They are empty and there is no humanity in them, in the olden times, they made mistakes, now in the modern times, they want to kill and control to remain in power.

If you want me to help, all you have to do is ask. If you do nothing, we all fall. I am here for you. God wants me to help you, but only if you are ready for someone like me. Ready for the future. Ready for the next step. I was told many things, and dreams many dreams. I despise politics, I love Virtues and am here to repair the world forever.

An attack is coming, and a civil war, in multiple countries and mass deaths from failed offensives will not help. We need each other for what is going to happen. We can repel it, those that do not humble themselves will be the first to go, their loud voices, the cacophony of Chaos. I was told many things, there is God. There is also a Lilit. She talks to many people, not just me, but others hear and love Chaos, yet they lie about being a leader or in charge. They are very frightened, so very scared, they have no real answers.

I have some answers, but without truth, without information, we all fall.

I have something for you. All you really have to do is ask, if you want to

Remain in Light.