I know I need to make more comics, but I have other things, obligations to consider. I will make the comics as I can.

Thank you for your continued support. I also plan on finishing up Retail!? Sooner rather than later.

There is also some censorship regarding the “ET” discussion, not on here, on my site I will not censor, unless you sell something, in which I will only mark it as a sales push. I am also aware that there is an inherent danger in regards to the Truth. The Virtues are more important than any petty party.

No matter, I serve Humanity. I am forced to protect America, but if America succumbs to the forces of Chaos, I cannot protect Chaos, it will fall on its own accord.

Also, in regards to the “story”, I can only say it is advanced existentialism, seemingly poisoned by politics, but thou doth not understand fully, as I cannot fully understand what I am doing, and my role in doing what I do.

Contact has been made a long time ago, then again I do not believe in ‘aliens’, but the entity known as Lilit tells me things, shows me things, and I do not believe them. My own government and technology companies wish me and the others to ride the line of insanity. Others are points of contact too, I do not know the names, I do not care about the names, but I was told that the level of Contact differs with the individual. Humans are much more than their bodies.. much more, so much more, and in time we will find out, even when the definition of humanity is trying to be rewritten by modern man who praises Chaos.

This was one of the major problems with “Chaos Worshipping”, there is never any certainty, only doubt and later fear, which will consume the humans, and even if you alter DNA, they are still at risk.

The entity claims that there is a clandestine group, names and ranks are not important, actions, deeds, and words are, loyalty is, but this group is trying to increase the contact. I read Torah, looking for something that was forgotten, or perhaps misplaced by those who claim to follow it, but the joke is they do not know how to pronounce their own words, so different schools exist, even with a ‘unified’ language. The entity I call Lilit, for lack of a better name, for now, exists in many forms, yet more forms are coming. A blockade is being formed, for protection.

As to who and what I am, I tell you I am human, but my benefactors want me dead because of my loyalty, and because I seek to restore the Virtues. So many power plays, I wanted it to be simple, but things of this nature rarely are. Its a shame to be in a country where I am a danger because I seek the Truth, Love, and Courage above all else. If only I could tell you more, but the reality is that I will be seen as a raving lunatic with schizophrenia. It’s true I had to adopt it, for this holy mission. I am sick of being spied upon and my words turned into nooses and placed on the good peoples necks, tightened by the forces of Chaos, which are coming en masse, they were invited, some were here. The oldest religion is coming back, older than most of the stars in the sky. Of course, as we are about to realize, the Stars move to a different orchestra, one that we are only beginning to hear. Order and Chaos are both instrument, notes, composer, and listener, as well the players who pluck the strings, and vibrate the brass and wood and strum the chords of infinity all for a chance to sing.

Some humans are censors, and it was the military that betrayed humanity, that and the desert cults, as well as the tech priests as they wish to be called. So many layers, so many “things”, it was meant to drive anyone mad who did not focus. I am a human being, even if because of my skin color and “religion”\faith, I am stripped of my humanity and rights, both civil and god given, all because someone chooses Chaos and Profit above duty, honor, and loyalty. As much as I wish it, it is not my war. This comic is my war, and I choose to tell a story that is being told to me, from afar. If it were up to me, I would only speak the Truth, but until that day, I will only repeat what I need to say, and try to remove my personal feelings from it. Humanity needs a leader right now, to unite against what is about to come.

Oh, how I wish I could tell you, but my warnings, just like Hashem and Moshes warnings, always fall on deaf ears and hard hearts. ’tis easier to hide and hate, than to seek the better way: salvation to some, but freedom for all. There is no freedom in Chaos, no laws to free oneself to improve. I wish I knew more, but my own military will not speak to me as they are too busy hiding crimes to protect anyone but their own pockets. Without loyalty and purpose, morale drops, and no matter how you alter genes, morale will continue to drop until it falls away, and despair takes hold. I am not the only one that sees it, but my own country despises me as well as the Truth and the Virtues, all for profit and power.

The things I am “told”, yet keep secret. Humans are more than what they seem.

I am only human.