I will be honest, I don’t plan many of these comics in advance, which is why the jokes, aren’t funny unless, reasons, or you get something that I will only “get” a year or so later.

The more fear that is placed within me by the Media and their Investors, I tend to create based on that. I could talk about restoring the Virtues, but there is a midrash on the story of Noah. Noah and his family planted the Gopherwood trees and it took about a hundred plus years to grow the trees, then cut them down, then of course build the arc. I love God, and I love Torah, but its historical value is always suspect, legends are not important than historical accounts, and recording things for posterity is only something the wealthy could afford to do.

The rest of the time we have laws and legal judgements, usually clean and impartial. (btw, this is my 201st comic I’ve uploaded on this iteration of the site, yes there are some older ones, I believe since I’ve returned I’ve at least made 200 new ones. Can’t wait to hit the 1000 mark, see what kind of marginal improvements are made by then, right?)

How many of your dream? How many of those dreams are about the end of a\your world? It’s fun detoxing from over two decades of THC. I enjoyed it, and with the right therapies, THC and CBD are powerful and effective, and one of the reasons why smoking developed was as an aide to respiratory and mucus conditions. Too much leads to problems, but a little is medicine. Nicotine kills a lot of microbes that are harmful to humans, and it also helps calm down schizophrenic episodes. Schizophrenia is necessary for humanity as it leads to innovation, but too much..

Back to Retail, still have some work to do to finish it up. Been avoiding it, due to being burnt out at work. I am taking 2 days off, for deep cleaning and hopefully finish it up. I always worry about my past; my mistakes; and my transgressions, I seek to either rectify them or come to terms with them, but not forget them, not hate\despise them. Mistakes and humility are what keeps up human and sane.

I could not imagine what its like to ignore mistakes yet judge others entirely because of those mistakes and never letting themselves or myself grow, even if forgiveness is sought.

To err is human, but to forgive and improve, makes us as close to God as we need to be. Only those that condemn others and refuse to allow any room for growth, are the ones that seek the Void. It is fun to write though, especially these kinds of missives. I don’t understand them all the time, but again, this is part of several ongoing writing and mental experiments. Buddhism and Christianity can work together, or should I say mindful(ness) awareness of the inner and out cosmos tells the story that Christ completes, but only if we listen and

Remain in Light.