Had to speed through this one. Running out of time today.

Had a Client take up the first half of the day. Started to sketch whilst waiting, but hopefully there will be some good news on THAT front. Just waiting on an email response.

Retail is sooo close to being able to be printed out, I have to remake their spreadsheets for the print guide, I would like to print them out tonight if possible, but I am running OUT of time to do so.

Might try to get a nap in after this.

Have to do some work stuff, then its off to another Schwofield employees tonight. I will bring my Surface Tablet and Wireless Keyboard\Mouse (by Logitech) and try to get his game made. At the end of May I would like to have 2 games ready for kickstarter or what have your. I just want the game to work first, then I will worry about funding and distribution et al.

I hope and pray you are doing well and overcoming allllll obstacles in your way. I pray also you see clearly now, and that your rain goes away, having drenched your fertile lands, and your new seeds can grow into a vineyard of Truth, Love, and Courage, so that all those who partake in the goodness can and will

Remain in Light.