Havin’ a little fun, still in that cave. I might extend this “story” out, if I can. If not, return to the original concept of Spinach and Clint.

Tapestry is a neat Character to add. I like his voice, as Klint is there more or less as the straightman.

This comic took nearly 3 hours to complete, I did go on an Arbys lunch run, that I still technically cannot afford, but this will be an interesting 2 weeks coming up. Lots of work to do. Retail is still waiting on my final speadsheet making and getting the print guides\sheets ready. I am relieved that I brought the deck size down to the MTG standard. 60 does some like a nice standard. No more, no less.

This is still the MK III prototype, and I am ready to double that card number, or find a happy medium, compromise is the only path to success. I do want to make a digital copy of the game and perhaps create the app for it. It depends on a few things first. Digital is a hassle, whereas Print is best for my eyes and sanity, also print is much easier to work on certain parts of the game, as its being played if necessary. I would not want to do that in a digital setting, there’s too much to consider.

Here’s to making more positive changes in our lives, work harder, get more accomplished, and follow through with our dreams\desires. They are not to be held on to, but rather a guide, a helper. This keeps us from going mad, and not putting all eggs into one basket, but then again, I am not a specialist. I have over 20 years of (pure) existentialism, but that is not necessary for anything other than my projects and experiments, and coming to terms with what Ahavat Olam really is.

To watch temples, to attend church, to look for a partner that can help me and more.

To listen to the temples, to understand the sermons, and to find the path to Freedom.

Christ is just the beginning. Just the beginning indeed. All good teachers want their students to surpass them. All bad teachers want their students to be as ignorant as possible. They do not have students, they have slaves.

Only the good teachers, and good humans\reality is trying to keep us all informed and lifted up, together, as long as possible, so that as many as possible

Remain in Light.