Took me about 2 hours to make this comic. I need to improve. One of the reasons I don’t color my characters is that will end up adding another 30 mins to the process. I am always looking to improve my process. The art, I believe is subtly changing, though there are ways to improve it, so my story telling can be unleashed, but that is for a different lifetime, apparently. I didn’t want to get too fantastical. A little dabble here and there. Perhaps, if I monetize this I can make different decisions, like find a realistic time to finish a comic book about Admiral Sheol and Her misadventures. A lot could be going on, or not, the scope of this work as been holy, but that is just it beginning.

A still question my relationship, my bind to Torah and Judaism\Israel. I always have some small glimmer of hope, even though I have nothing to hope for in that regards. I have been abandoned by the Jews\Israelites, which is “their” call, I would like to say “our” call, but as of who and what I am, I can only be assured that its a mixture of science and religion\faith; now, look how fast humanity is moving, but at the same time, the shadow grows from a light that is appearing within us all, it is needed. How should I resist my own shadow side, appropriately to perform a task.

So far, Retail needs to be completed. Today might be the day, I intend to come back from lunch around 4ish, then put in the final products, get the print job set up, and printed if time allows today. If not, then tomorrow, got a few things to do, but the MK III prototype should be ready, and perhaps that night or Sunday, I can get a 5 player game going.

WPF Forms seems pretty neat. I can’t wait to start diving into that. Watching lots of videos, taking notes. Gotta run, lunch calls! Thank you all again for your support and readership, thank you also for being you and doing the good things, even if nobody notices it. It is doing those good things that helps us all to resist our bad selves so that we all

Remain in Light.