One of my many rules of “blogging” is to always have something else beyond words. Thus the “art” I will call it that, others not so much. This isn’t for them, it’s for you, dear readers, we will always take what we can, when we can, as much as we can, to get the job done. To also be well trained and prepared is what we do before the event, and that is what a lot of what is going on is about.

The game hasn’t made much progress, neither has the book. It’s ok though, comics are being made. Other sacrifices are being made, I would like to change over night, but the things that are done alone… take time. Especially when one is a coward. At times we wear the hat of the coward, which is not always seen as a negative thing, unless, done too much. Moderation is key, eh?

I do like listening to Rabbis speak, not just any Rabbis, but the ones who transcend the politics and go into Kaballah, which is great because it reaffirms a lot of existential notions and dictums. Philosophy is a strange wife, and even stranger still are the times when I must wander into gardens, then the shade, then dark temples and pits. Being guided by a notion, really. A strong notion that helps out at times, and other times, I must look for the lesson. A guided path.
Faith is a strange thing, a wonderful thing, when certain rules cannot be applied because of what level is being sought after. Near, far, where ever you are…. That sort of thing.

Distance, even death, sadly does not mean anything in the dream when the work needs to happen. I do this all to help humanity, but I am selfish and make mistakes, and dawdle, and spend too much time in the Void, when it is time for me to leave and return fully. How? Is a question I am now asking, being too vain(glorious) in the past, but now, more accepting of my humanity, my faults, and even this quest, of which very few can offer truest wisdom. There used to be more time, but it is over. Time is speeding up during this great event, and Justice and the Light will prevail, however it does means that our time is finite to

Remain in Light.