That’s right, coming at you, another Comic! Did you laugh? Should I write more jokes? I’ll always try for a joke, but what comes out, is what comes out. Thank you God for all of your blessings, for my readers, and my comic for all these years.

And more to come. No more strong information on the Book, though, help me to make these every day, at the start of each day. Together we will achieve great things. I do my tasks, you do yours; the Great Repair starts within, yes, but as a collective, it is more. Much more. Humanity is at the beginning, and it’s technology is an extension of that beginning, also it is used to keep us mired in the past of thought control for the sake of offense, instead of growth from understanding to permit and build up and strengthen that which is “good”, and to let go, or release and remove that which is holding one back. Some emotions are good, but only on a personal or close friends basis. Compassion for the stranger is another thing entirely, but the State was given Orders on how to take care of the Stranger so that civilian would not have to. Even the Church, a House of Light, exists because of virtues, while Temples and Mosques and the like seek domination through fear and panic. Mars rattles and shakes, war is ever present, but the cool waters of Logic can douse the greatest and hottest flames. Even if the flames were false and from a bad\detrimental place.

This is why “the Church” is the Bride of Christ, and the Bride marrying the Groom is the acceptance of salvation. An Understanding of Christ goes beyond the salvation of the body\ego and it appears on another level of mankind viewing itself as a collective body that nurtures and cares for what the State “loses” for lack of a better word. The State and Charity have always been an issue for fraud and victim worship, but a mission of the Church is to care for and provide, but also help push that citizen back to helping support and fix the state. Desert Cults cannot do this, as their idea of a Kingdom is on heaven, whereas the Kingdom of Christ has already been established, and thus building it anywhere is through doing the opposite of what the State is doing, losing citizens due to fraud and “abundance” aka debt enslavement, the quest for Power, it’s always Blind, especially when those behind it, are as frail as those they expect to be sacrificed to stay alive.

Every once in a while I like to write like that, it’s fun. For me, it’s all research, every last drop, I see a universe with this own, refracted by the Light into infinity, so that no matter happens, or how far we go, or how dark it seems, we will always

Remain in Light.