Due to work issues, I did not get Retail printed out, but I did gain a MUCH better way of doing something. A lot of this work has been me doubling back on myself, and redoing work and trying to be as efficient as possible, all while trying to avoid developing what needs to be developed. I have to head on out in an hour, then when I return, I will get Retail printed or at least all of the print guides ready.

I am sketching out todays comic, so expect that later today. When I return. I’m working at the moment.

I love my new pull-up bar for my office. I strained a muscle already, but I cannot wait to recover and get back to it. Exercising and lunches in the sun (vitamin D) is the best way to improve mood AND health.

Gotta run! I wish you dear, Reader, good luck and success in all of your projects.