I forgot what my comic title is, I could go back, but, does it really matter? I do have *plans* on shying away from the political end of the philosophy spectrum, BUT, right now, I feel it is important to establish my boundaries. I will not apologize for offense, as the only ones who are offended are those that choose NOT Order, they believe they represent Chaos, but selfish desires and whims are just a reflection of the true beauty of Chaos. I should like to write a book on such a thing after I am done with my upcoming book. There are a few things I need to do, proof reading, is one of them, but finishing it is another. I am close. I like the novel mark, as it gives me a good idea what is appropriate. There hopefully might be time to go into more depth, and more research, but it needed to stand as is for a specific reason.

That reason will become clear shortly.

As for now, the card game is almost ready for the 2nd round of testing. I have 3.5 decks done, out of 5, as I wanted a 5 player test game. 1 of the decks will not make it to the release, but I have more decks to create for the release. I think its 8 decks for the 1st “season” if sales are good enough to print more. If not, it would be a fun experience, and I hope to break even at least. More games to come after that.

Those games are still on the drawing table, and I do not know about them to even begin discussing them. There is one I would like to do, a solo game, legacy, and very personal. The end result is to help fix people, as many as possible. Not just people, but problems. I should like to run for office, but I like my work as is, for now. These times, they are a changin’. Does anyone else have dreams of the future or just me? I seem to still have a good memory on personal things, but if I watch a movie, I can only tell you the theme and some supporting details, like a song. I remember what I watched, but unless its the Fountain level of quality, I don’t care enough to fully engross the movie. That movie could not be played on digital as it was meant to be.

I should continue, but I am tired, and have things to do tomorrow. Had a good night as is, strange occurrences, yes, but these are strange times, indeed. Things are about to get even stranger, especially as to a certain spectre haunting modern man. That is for another day.

I wish you, dear reader, good health, wealth, and well-being as well as success in all of you do. I love you, and thank you; and am grateful for all of your support over the decade plus. Thank you. You know this wasn’t for you, but for all of us to

Remain in Light.