Had some oral surgery yesterday, recovering. I hope to have the card game ready for 5 player multiplay this weekend. I do have a funeral on Saturday, and party on Sunday, so I will probably just do the playtest next week.

On my way home last night, my friend and I worked on his game in my sketchbook.

Next step is to start building excel spreadsheets for the data. In the meantime I need to watch some excel\libre calc videos to speed up this process. I hope that at the end of this month, a kickstarter or something will be started. Once the game is prototyped for the 2nd time, I will be able to reach out to a competent and professional artist. My comic art is not good enough, though my characters might make some appearances. I have lots of stories with characters to bring into this game. No shortage of ideas, just a little harder to focus as I take the meds and recover.

The time for rest is upon me. When I am rested, when we are all rested, its MUCH easier to

Remain in Light.