More to come. Made some great headway on Retail!?, I have nearly all 4 decks done. 1 more and I have the first season. It would be fun to make and play, but US civil war is about to begin; there’s no time for any of that now.
The people of light, goodness, truth, and accountability, will be victorious, but it will not be easy. It’s “easy” to talk about it now, and many sides of a civil war, especially the opposing side that needs fear and terror to remain solvent, all will claim victory, however, not of their gains will matter in the dark.

A great visit is coming, this is the precursor. I am not at liberty to say where its coming from. It will not be good for those who live and work in the dark, but I am still working with it, to make sure it will be good for all us who strive to

Remain In Light.