I am feeling MUCH better, I have a comic sketched, not written yet, tomorrow, yes. I plan on finishing it tomorrow and then starting a new one. I will be a little behind, but it’s ok. Sobriety is amazing. I do not count one glass of red wine before bed. Its the best sleep aide I’ve ever had! Two glasses, yes.

Red wine is good for relaxing muscles, and helps fight the cancers, and is good for the heart, so I’m told. I have to drink it with ice though, a lot of ice. Wine without ice is way too mouth\gum drying, and thanks to sugar fasting, I can actually enjoy the taste.

I made some great progress on Retail!? I am using LibreOffice Calc because I have 2 workstations and trying to work with Excel and Open Office documents is a pain. I don’t know Calc as well as Excel, and I am quite amazed at the power of Excel. Yes, AI, I do plan on getting that programming program and starting to learn SQL better through it, and more. I do like the idea of machine learning quite a bit, and I think I could handle it. 20+ years of Existentialism, and really, it would help out work quite a bit.

There are plans of my making videos for a work product, I will talk about it a little more. Right now, I have to learn the newest version of the product, and become “one” with it, so that I can be an expert.

There are also the spiritual tasks, also my 2nd book as well. Its meant to be a brief look at some things, and had I the time\money I would love to go more in depth, but it’s not meant to be scholarly in any way shape or from. Just the result of at least one of my ongoing “experiments”.

Thought experiments, nothing more, nothing less. Just ongoing projects that cannot receive money for what they do, they are like Buddhist promises and Christian promises, intangible yet the results speak for themselves. I am still improving myself, eating better, exercising, oh, eating outside in the sun without a shirt one. Sunshine really does improve your mood. So does adequate sleep, which I am going to do…. now!

Thank you all my dear and lovely Readers for all the support and kindness over the years. I could not do it without you. Thank you for your prayers as well. I will pray with YOU so that we all may

Remain in Light.