I’m gettin’ “there” slowly, but surely. These are exercises and practices in many things. The goal of course is to do them daily, while as clear as possible; if time permitting (time is speeding up) work on my letters a bit. I should get a new surface pen, all it takes is a little bit of plastic to break and it becomes frustrating.

Life whilst not under the tutelage of the green(er) fairy is very different. Now, it really does seem like I am coming back, or returning from a very long journey. Watching my homeland be destroyed and its legal system removed out of spite and a love of Chaos. Much like it always has been (in the past). How far in the past? That is up to debate, but in the end, it doesn’t matter much, now does it? What matters is the living makes choices, and so far those in power are not too inclined to listen to the people, but rather do things they have finally been able to do. Sad, yes, very sad. There is hope, and its on the horizon, sooner rather than later. The goal of this “blog” is not to visit any political spectrums but to walk a certain type of line.

Retail is coming, slowly. I do need to finish my next book at the same time; and work in the real life is also crucial. It is also sad that if you are not in the ruling party, you are not seen as a human being anymore, no court will protect you, so there is only the waiting. Civil wars begin in the home first, and there is where mine it. An entire family against me, but if I say anything in my own defense, I am again attacked and my arguments disarmed because, since I am not of their political persuasion, I do not have any right to feelings or a proper self defense. Such is the storm before the greater storm, and even then, a much greater storm. Thus the need for silence. The days are speeding up.

Learning to create again, then push hard, it is fun, also reading and enjoying life as life around ceases to enjoy anything but Chaos. To watch the Cult of Chaos rise and destroy all it touches, all for personal enjoyment, such a thing could always be avoided, but those lessons are always forgotten until it’s time to learn again. To the intelligent and wise and open minded(hearted) learning time is always now; and mistakes and errors are the only way to properly explore the world. It is frightening at times, but that is what Faith is for. I will not tell you my Faith, nor will I explain any of it to (you) dear readers, as you might believe that it might be a religion, and there is a reason why it is not, yet. A very hard time has come upon us, and it is time to brace and protect ourselves as times get harder (in the name of peace, love, and equality).

I waste a lot of time writing on social media, so let this newest comic begin something new for all of us. A close friend of mine has passed at 35 years of age, and the total people I’ve lost at my age is at 11, the majority of the deaths were suicides. I have said it in the past, but Mental Health is a joke in the west, as it proper medicine. When you find a credible doctor who heals, but does not sell the industry, it is like you found the finest gold and silver. Still one cannot be blind, nor deaf, nor dumb, but that is what explanations are for, and humanity as well as humility. The virtues are still be suppressed by the Governments of all nations. A distant time, the same thing occurred, even the same practice as trying to use “science” and “medicine” to try to stop the Virtues; the Light from returning to the land. The dreams were stopped, even reproduction, terrible plagues were manufactured such as they are now, and the cures are always worse than the disease, they are sold as cures, but they are poison.

Oh to tell you more about the GodQueen, but that is not the purpose. There is hope, and as the Galactic Sheet moves throughout the Earth and the Children of Chaos are emboldened and now are in every position of Power, all that is left for them is to deceive as many as possible to keep their own broken empires from crumbling. Deception is quite a thing, but when it is worshiped like a God, its own followers always turn on each other, if any weakness is smelled or found, then the weak shall be devoured by the stronger deceivers. In fighting, party assassinations; like before the corrupt forces in the military try to hide it all with fakery and deceits. There was one nation whose rebels had reclaimed their Capitol only to see a rotting pile of corpses of those they were going either kill or arrest; remove from power. They never knew what happened, but does it matter? When the time had occurred, and the military had been broken, it was too late for the tyrants to do anything. The false generals could not protect corpses for too long, and their own suicides meant that their false cures had worn off, and the fugue lifted, if only for a moment.

So much was lost, and when realized, death was their only way out, for the deceivers and forces of Chaos are always too cowardly to say “I’m sorry, I made a mistake.”