Sorry, been a while. Haven’t forgotten you, or YOU.

Learning to live without a helper and with my boss and family wholly against me, it’s going to be difficult to create, it’s just a slight hump.

My family will hate me forever, but my comics, are mine, and yours. My family does not mean to hate me, but because they believe the international news media, they are told to hate everyone that says they do not agree.

America is great, my favorite part is when the military is so bored, it stops protecting the nation, and instead lets foreign hosts tear us apart. They get paid; we the people, who are not replaced, have to wait for crumbs, while our enemies eat the food and land that was stolen from us, all because the “media” says that its a good thing.

Deppression is necessary to go through. I accept it, its made worse by this civil war, I cannot imagine it being made better, but thats the world we live in.

I should write about happier things, maybe tomorrow I will have news.

I also need to ink my comic from 2 weeks ago. And sketch.

First brush the teeth!