This PROBABLY deserves a better post than the one I have now. So unless my hand hurts from typing too much (last night until… 2 am, all for work!) Operation Focus is a Go!

I will endeavor to keep my schedule of Sun-Fri, the dream of doing full page Sundays by that deadline.. no, unless I do a full page ON sunday, which means getting back to having a buffer. Popping out an extra one, just this “once”. I don’t mind… I wish I did, right? Mind the art too, when is THAT gonna improve, right? You can’t make a syndicated saturday morning cartoon show for kidz based on this.

Unless the Creator had something else in mind, but who cares about what the Creator wants? I know “I” (read: ego) does.

Gotta go on a quick walk too, before I check on some prework stuff, so that my RL clients, my beloved, wonderful, and dearly dearly umm bespoke and Gracious Readers, I pray that our Ways our Revealed so that the one Way, some would say “the Catholic Way” but building a Temple or better yet a City of God, isn’t the Way of one institution, but rather the collective Ways and Means of the People, with the Temple in between.

The Scales of out Lives, the Fulcrum of our of own personal Faith. Jesus the Christ is a fantastic Way, and the Bible does not do Him any Justice as the fluff surrounding the truest kernel is already hidden away around the rotten pulp of the Hollywood-Church, (Bel-Baphomet(Moloch?)) I wouldn’t say that out loud, but as a concept, it works as deception and the idea of worship have become synonymous with any corrupt massive organization. Christianity was never created to have one head, but an ethereal head.

That is why Republics can flourish with true Christianity (and Buddhism) and are drained with everything else, whose worship depends upon some altar in the past, and some temple in the desert. God lives through Torah, but even Torah has its most vicious of divisions that the Goyim or the non Jews do not know about, Oral Vs. Written. I do not disparage against the written text, but Oral is always suspect, and Written is best, while both are better than electronic. Newspaper and Magazines will return as secure and safe for freedom, providing the mail and other organizations return.

Local Press, run by local people and local businesses.

Too many Large Organizations are too confusing, that’s government was supposed to be as minimally invasive as possible, but when the market is fixed, the People must double down, work hard, and believe by repairing this world with good deeds and following the laws and not breaking them for petty personal or party reasons, certainly not financial or foreign gain, but alas, politics is not the intent, only focus. Focus on Love.

Focus on Truth, the Courage to Follow and Enforce Instruction, not against Speech, but against action, unless speech comes from a potentate, more power means more weight, and that is true in the Self as well. It is in ALL things, the Self, but the Self, is ALL things inside as well, I pray that all who read this are filled with Light from the Inside so that others shine with Hashem’s Love and Grace, so that we can all

Remain in Light.