Back in the late 90’s (the start of any good story is back when..) the idea of putting links in blogs seemed like a good idea, I tried to do it, for fun AND marketing, but mostly fun. Like mentioning Arby’s (Arbys) while on Stream or in real life, or this blog. Comedy. I don’t link as much, or ever really. There are so many tools that would help out, but now that I am MUCH older I can see why linking in a bad thing, and that is covered in todays comic.

They are related to the work of That man is ahead of his time when it comes to research into the true words of Jesus the Christ, it makes them more powerful by removing a lot of the unnecessary “Hollywood” portions. Metaphors move mountains. Movies create those mountains.

Let’s move them away so we may build the City of God so that Humanity can

Remain in Light.