I’m not sure what happened, BUT some how, my wand tool erased something it normally doesn’t. I had a few technical difficulties going on this morning. Among other things, but here you are. Earlier than usual.

It’s a little harsh, but those who cannot separate Politics from Existentialism (Philosophy) will only take this at face value, which is wrong, and is a good test. This was a test of my patience. I really do need a new stylus, I have a few years left on this surface before it can no longer work properly. Needs a screen replacement.

Its a great tool, I got my worth out of it and more, It’s just the next model is more expensive, and more spy and bloatware, blech. I don’t care that much about the surveillance anymore, I’m used to it, the worst of it is the censorship that comes from politicians and foreign military glowing spooks having access to our personal thoughts and feelings so that they may better control our thoughts and minds.

They have the truncheon and know what are in to, let them subjugate humanity, it’s for our\their own good. This is the one time the promise will be kept… that is sarcasm. Hard to read innit? Good luck, and I do wish you success in all of your endeavors, so that together we will all

Remain in Light.