I took some time off from the comic, had some good conversations. Been working on one comic. It’s inked, not fully, but enough to finish it.

I’ve been working, and have a little more to do.

I do have a blank comic strip up, and will work on it as soon as my work is done. Speaking of which, I must, away, and I pray that we all Remain in Light.

>> The plan is to put a hold on the comics. I finished up the 3rd main card, and now I am working on helper cards.

Depending on what I get done today, I might be able to have a playable demo by the end of the day. PVP, son.

If time permits, I will just make up new names and leave the abilites the same, and allow the players to create with some on the spot, its easier to database. I fixed a LOT of timing issues and have solved the counter problem and streamlined the game.

When Retail !? is done, I do want to continue with my Shroud of the Avatar Series. I will queue that up later today for writing purposes. But real life work has taken hold, and I still have more night work to do. Probably about one more week worth of night work, which is getting delayed by game nights, so time management is an issue.

Taking a hiatus from the comic allows me more leeway. I will still work on some, but for now, the name of the game is focus.

Synthetic Wisdom takes on maaaany forms, and I would like to make a radio play version for it. I want to make a media empire which includes movie studios, I only have funding “secured” for Retail!?.

House of Light is donation only, and Phase III cannot begin until I finish Phase II. I should begin to plan out how Phase III will begin, which also means a return to the Virtues. Back in Shroud, the land of the Virtues. It MUST be saved from the SJW forces of Chaos. Nobody is saying to do anything else except opt for freedom from tyranny, so that we all can and will

Remain In Light.