I did not finish all of my night work, and of course a late start this morning, delays the comic. I am setting this up now, I will get it done today, after 9ish, as I have a good hour of work to do, before the day starts.

The world of IT. Late nights, Late(post 5 am) mornings. I need to get a Torah today to extend my Research. Also, and more importantly, to give myself a new morning activity and ween of what should never have been illegal, if it not for the greed of a small group of people: Pharmaceutical concerns. That is not for here though. There is time.

The Employee card is done, and next is the Customer card. Inventory will be easier, and I now realize I will have a template for Events\Effects\Affects\Defects\Prefects.

This year I plan on turning Schwofield.com into a Media Empire+ and start a Church, which reminds me I need to spend some time today and retrieve some data…. Back to Schwofield and my real life jeorb, I would love to absorb my current company, as there are many overlaps that I would like to address. I am the CEO of Schwofield, which without a business license means nothing, but the idea to me is important. I am not a good fit for many companies, but I can perform nearly all tasks, and perform them well.

Morale and Destination are important for Focus. This is where the individual matters most, but in larger systems, the focus is lost on humanity. This is not a bad thing, but a symptom of The Cause. At first the humanity is removed when humans are referred to as Trees, or Seeds, even some are Rocks.

The environment became us, birth;

we became our environment: death. From Star Dust we are made, Star Dust we shall return. In the end the idea of morality and ethics did not matter, heaven, hell, all of that, in the end, cannot ever matter, it will be forgotten. I (ego) still is afraid of death, and does not want to die, I want to live forever and experience life, until I am tired, then I wish to experience such. As long as my environment can support such a decision, I may offer peace, but in the desire to control me, my Environments offer may not be so, until the winds of change push it down a different Way.

For humans, to become lost, is insanity. Vanity of Vanity, Metaphor of Metaphors. Becoming “Lost” is the only way to find oneself. If one does not return, then what returns is not what left.

That is the Realm of Jesus the Christ.

Moses (2nd Temple, as Abraham establishes the 1st) died bringing us, out of the desert and into Rome, the 3rd Temple. Moses would be the actual First, as the story of Exodus is fabricated, but the creation myth is complete, and its mathematical proofs, are Lilitian.

Rome tried to build the 4th Temple, but the internal bankers and corruptors killed and silenced all of the competent builders. The nationalists were ignored, and people built with their wallets and not their hearts. The Pyramids were a label of love. The story of slavery is fabricated and untrue, as the idea of a slave is much different than the Hollywood version today. I work 18+ hours a day, and 7 days a week. Every 6 months off I may get a weekend. Been like this for 5 years, and I’ve been on call for 10+ years now. I am always available for you, I no longer see the Dark, as I pray for success and well being for us all; that we

Remain in Light.