I hope to have the comic up today, I am working on it.. now. I haven’t forgotten, just didn’t get out of bed until after 0730.

Late nights mean late mornings. 😉

I don’t complain, I just try to keep a schedule.

8 is the idea.

9 is great.

Anytime is also fine. I am in control!!! Of my comic, and my posts! Got to go and get stuff done, I wish you all dear readers the best of fortune, success, and I hope all fraud melts away as we

Remain in Light.

update: maybe around 11 am, hopefully sooner. Going to make a quick drive first.

Im back from my errands, gotta check on real life stuff first, make sure I dont have any calls, then its comic time!

update 2: Sketching is almost done. Had to do some work stuff first. Hopefully soon, its a fun one.. No Clint!

update 3: Sketch done, clients are taken care of, text is done. Now, inking the confusing mess, :), and then some backgrounds.