Better backgrounds, eh? Well, getting there. I like these as well. This is a learning comic, so I get to play around with whatever I want in an attempt to get better.

Now, one, such as meself, could use that as an opportunity to set sub goals as achievements for improvements. It is ridiculous, I have art books within arms reach, on an art easle, drawing on a Surface Pro, on TOP of a drawing table which isn’t being used “properly”.

My workspace. That is something that needs to be cleaned. My office here needs a cleaning and a straightening. Too Chaotic.

Also, I need more Israeli Art from the best artist in all of that corner of the world. Don’t know how to affix them to the wall properly, so until I can afford frames, or care to get them which is the better reason, the plastic sheets and tape works fine, for now, of course.

Just like the comic and its rules, they work fine, for now. What about later? What was the deal with the naming of that candy, Now and Laters? Is it be because some of them were good so you wanted them now, and some were not as good, so you would possibly tolerate or toss them out later?

I don’t eat candy any more. Once I found a way to turn milk oats or cold oats into ice cream, my breakasts have gotten a bit.. sweeter. Not all the time. Some times. I work-out through’t the day whilst working. The less sugar you eat, the sweeter less tastes, also honey is a better sweeter for a homemade breakfast ice cream. You could also put cereal like total or something as well, have to be creative. It’s supposed to be good for you while at the same time giving you enough energy to have a very late lunch and possible large[r] dinner.

Eating (alone) wastes time, so I would like to do it during downtimes. Otherwise, I have project to project to flit to like a hummingbird dancing from flower to flower. Or a bee. Or anything that that moves around a lot really. I am learning to focus a bit more. Medical Marijuana is great only because the information available as well as removing the social stigma of using certain medicines to keep oneself moving in a direction that one desires to move. Happiness and Contentment are few and far between in these dark times, but with an allowance from the government and a good portion of ones paycheck, you get an aide to help you deal with today, for tomorrow.

Distractions exist, always. Never be distracted. Fight the distraction unless you NEED rest. Otherwise, all ways continue, and you will find success in all of your works, even in failures you will succeed, I pray that they all do succeed, but that is up to Our Father, who art in heaven..

That was a distraction, I could avoid it, or I will just move on. Too much to do. No time to go back in the past, or think about the past, or dwell in it. NEVER forget the past, as within it contains lessons. Always question the past, but never hate or despise it. Anything that just happened is now an archive of an event, and such that the highest scrutiny… well, that is not here. Not here, now now. Just fun writing to get you to focus on THIS instead of THAT.

Which will be for another time, dear read. I pray you Good Health and Safe Travels, and of course as always, success in all of your projects, so that we may All

Remain in Light.